HIIT is one of the most effective workout methodologies, not to mention it’s super fun. Now that these sweat sessions have become a fixture on the fitness scene, a new wave of high-intensity workouts are popping up. From a new boxing and barre studio in super fit San Francisco to a Cameron Diaz favorite at Equinox Fitness, we’re sharing our favorite HIIT workouts that are tough enough to get you ripped and fun enough to get you obsessed.

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1. SALT, San Francisco: Want to get the lengthening of barre class and fat-torching of HIIT cardio in one 60-minute class? SF’s new SALT offers the city’s first barre-boxing fusion, in a hipster-luxe space. Classes start with a floor warmup, move to boxing moves, to the barre then back to boxing. You’ll never look at a ballet barre the same way again.

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2. Fhitting Room, New York: With a luxe boutique vibe and a wall of candy-colored kettlebells, the Fhitting Room appears deceptively innocuous. This top NY spot focuses on intervals of bodyweight work (squats, more squats, push ups) and a huge variety of tools to add weight and work stability, like those kettle bells, as well as suspension trainers and plyo balls.

3. Hot 8 Yoga, Los Angeles: How do you turn a Vinyasa yoga class into a HIIT-fest? A few sets of Chaturanga push-ups, lightning-speed vinyasas, all of the warriors, with added free weights and loads of core work. Oh, and the room is set between 104-107 degrees to work up an extra gallon of sweat. Celeb class devotees include Kate Hudson and Colin Farrell.


4. Sproing Fitness, Chicago: Treadmills are great for winter workouts and catching up on Scandal, but less than great for knees and sensitive joints. Two fit Chicagoans have developed a treadmill/elliptical hybrid called the Sproing that is softer than a traditional tread and is powered by your two feet. It also contains a few handy tools for strength intervals. Look out for Sproing classes near you, as the brand has begun a national expansion, including studios in California and Maryland.


5. Shockwave, Equinox Fitness Locations: Indoor rowing is the new indoor cycling. Shockwave, hosted at Equinox Fitness locations throughout the US, combines cardio intervals on the WaterRower with functional strength work to hit every major muscle group.


6. Barry’s Bootcamp, Multiple Locations: Barry’s continues to expand its brand throughout the US. With its interval combo of treadmill sprints and strength work performed with dumbbells, bands and the step, Barry’s Bootcamp is Sharpie-d into our calendar week in and week out. (via @barrysbootcamp)


7. Allongée Technique, Philadelphia: Ballet is a tough strength workout on its own, but when combined with cardio bursts and led by a former dancer, it becomes Philly’s toughest ballet bootcamp, Allongée Technique. Allongée works smaller muscles in large, full range of motion to lengthen and strengthen while staying in the fat-burning zone. (via Allongée)


8. Kobox, London: How about some high-intensity boxing to spice up your cardio routine? Kobox is London’s first boutique boxing gym, where classes combine heavy bag routines with functional movement training. It’s a total-body workout that hits every major muscle. No need to worry about hitting any classmates — all the boxing is contact-free. (Photo via @kobox)


9. Booty Works, Los Angeles: A boutique fitness co-op for instructors looking to launch new classes without having to commit to an entire studio space on their own, Booty Works offers an amazing array of heart-pumping, booty-shaking classes. Try POUND for a full-body cardio session using RipStix for simulated drumming, or Velos for a combination of resistance and cardio combining TRX, tabata and body-weight resistance. (Photo via @bootyworksfitness)

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