For those days when you want to show a little skin, cut-out-shoulder tees are the perfect style trend. There’s something subtly sexy about showing your shoulders, yet it’s much less revealing than those shirts and dresses with the cutouts around the waist. While this fad is showing up in stores for a pretty penny, you can easily make your own for free by repurposing an old tee. Not only is this an easy hack, but it also only takes 10 minutes! So grab a shirt, scissors, pins and your sewing machine, and let’s do this thing.


Materials and Tools:
 — old t-shirt

— measuring tape

— sewing pins

— fabric scissors

— sewing machine

— pen or tailor’s chalk



1. Put on your tee shirt and draw a half circle or oval on your shoulder where you would like to create your cutout. Do this on one side only.

2. Cut out along the line you just drew, making sure to cut through the front and back side of the shirt.

3. Measure the space between the neckline and the cutout. Mark this on the other shoulder.

4. Use the piece of fabric you cut out from the other side as a template for your second shoulder. Trace and cut.

5. Turn your tee inside out, carefully pin a hem, then sew.


First, draw the front side of your cutout. Do this with your shirt on. Cut along the line, snipping through both the front and back side of your shirt. This will create an even cutout on the front and back side of your shoulder. Next, measure the space between your neckline and the cutout. Use this measurement to make your marks on the other side of the shirt. Trace the piece you cut out so that your cutouts are the same size and shape.


Turn your tee inside out and pin a hem. I was able to do a double fold so that the trimmed edges won’t fray. This is a good technique if you don’t have a surger. Slowly — I repeat — SLOWLY stitch your cutout, keeping an eye on the fabric and making sure you maintaining an even seam allowance.


Repeat on the other side, and that’s it!




Oh hey over there.


So serious. But look at that graffiti!

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