From the hottest fall nail trends to #MalePolish and killer money-saving nail salon hacks, we’ve got your digits covered. Believe it or not, the half-moon mani we’re seeing all over Insta came straight out of the 1930s. Yes, we stole it from another decade. Way back when, women only painted the center section of their nail, partly for style, but mostly to cut costs. Thus, the half-moon mani was born. The more you know, right?! Scroll through these half-moon manicures and get inspiration for your next nail salon visit.

1. Multicolored: It might not be spring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear this Easter egg-colored half-moon combo. For a look that’s equally bright and happy, ask your manicurist for pastel nails in shades of green, blue and pink.

2. Gray and White: If neutrality is your goal, go for this gray and white duo. You can wear it to the office or out to Sunday brunch — either way, you’ll be twinning with your fave Starbucks cup.

3. Coral and Purple: Create unexpected contrast with hues like coral and purple to bring the last days of summer into fall. Rock these hues when you’re sporting a monochromatic look or minimalist style for a welcome pop of color.

4. Pastel: So many great half-moon manicures revolve around pastel colors because they soften the effect, especially when you leave the half-moon shape bare. If you choose nude for your moon, pair it with colors like white, pastel pink and sky blue.

5. Dark blue: If you’re ready for fall and winter, dive in fingers first with a cobalt blue nail. Add some glitter for a look that’s holiday party-ready.

6. Silver and pink: Looking for a style that’s both glamorous and girly? Found it! Opt for a combo of glittery silver and soft pink for a sweet take on this trend.

7. Blue and white: If you wish beach weather could last year-round, this is the half moon for you. Bring on shades of blue and white for an ocean-inspired set.

8. Trifecta: Add a little dimension to your half-moon manicure by asking your manicurist to add a line down the center of your nail. This art deco style came straight from the ’30s and is so RN.

9. Red and White: USA! Who wasn’t obsessed with Olympic-inspired nails this year? Show off your patriotism all year with this red and white half moon.

10. Red and Silver: Not into full-on glitter? Try pairing a softer silver or gold with fire-engine red. It’s still bold enough to make a statement, but subtle enough to be wearable.

11. Two-Finger Half Moon: Take the mismatched trend to a whole new level by painting only two fingernails half-moon style. Stick to a certain color scheme to ensure that your fingers look in sync.

12. Mismatched Mermaid: The statement nail trend is still going strong. Combine it with your half moon by leaving one nail completely painted. This playful mermaid design is perfect for all those end-of-summer soirees on your calendar.

13. Gold and Coral: Make a soft sorbet shade really stand out by pairing it with a shimmering gold. The colors complement each other, and the glitter adds visual interest.

14. French Half Moon: Have double the fun by mixing a French tip with a half-moon base. Have even more fun by swapping out the traditional neutral hue for a pop of color like the cerulean pictured above.

15. Easter Egg: Emphasize the half-moon effect by separating your two colors of choice with a simple white line. You’ll look cooler than an Easter egg — we promise.

16. Bedazzled: If you like your manis with a little embellishment, order up a bedazzled half moon. While the half-moon trend is generally understated, this one lets you pull out all the stops.

17. Black: The half-moon effect can turn a severe black manicure into a visually stunning design. Leave the half moon nude for a super elegant look.

18. White: Just because it’s after Labor Day doesn’t mean you can’t wear white on your digits. This look is extra classy, but with a little length, you can make it sassy. All white everything, please.

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