With the 2016 Olympics in full swing, it’s time to channel your inner fangirl ASAP. If you’re anything like us, you’re planning an epic Olympics party complete with Olympic sweets, and are brainstorming ways to wear red, white and blue. But why stop there? We say the best way to show your enthusiasm for the Rio games is by rocking a swoon-worthy mani that showcases your competitive spirit. From Olympic rings to soccer-themed nail art, here are the best 12 Olympic nails the Internet has to offer.

1. Rio: One clever way to show your love of the summer games is by donning the colors of the Brazilian flag. Your toes might be minimal, but go all out with your mani by using gems and charms for a multi-layered effect.

2. Soccer: If soccer is your thang, look no further for your next mani inspo. Switch it up with other sports like basketball or volleyball, and be sure to rep the five colors of the Olympic rings on your digits.

3. Canada and America: If you’re cheering on two teams this year, then this mani is perfect for you. Take your patriotism to a whole new level with a single American flag on one digit and a Canadian maple leaf on another, or swap in the symbol for whatever nation you’re rooting for.

4. America: What better way to show your support for the US team than by rocking an anything-but-subtle patriotic mani? Give your flag-inspired nails some major glam by adding star charms on a few of your digits.

5. Gold Medal: Why wear bronze or silver when you can rock a gold mani like a winner? Add an accent nail with Olympic rings to earn the top spot in your own beauty Olympic race. (That’s a thing, right?)

6. 3D Rings: When your nails are long AF and you want to try something new, this one-of-a-kind design will surely be a conversation starter. Use nail glue to carefully place the rings at the tips of your nails for a 3D effect that’s too head-turning to ignore.

7. Glitter: Give Olympic nails some pizzazz with a layer of glitter. No matter what country you’re repping, a bit of bling will kick your team spirit up a notch.

8. Swimmer Nails: We love it when a mani matches an outfit, so you know we’re swooning over Silvia’s chic abstract nails-and-bathing-suit combo. Strong and beautiful? Yeah, we think so.

9. Rio 2016: Summer ’16 mani on lock. Whether you’re heading down to Brazil or you’re watching the games in the comfort of your own home (guilty!), this mani will keep you feelin’ stylish when you’re rooting for your team.


10. World Nails: Why choose one country when you can root for ten? Embrace the Olympics in a totally unique way by accenting each nail with a different flag.


11. Olympic Rings: If you like it, put a ring on it, right? Rock the five Olympic rings by recreating this minimalist, abstract design on your digits.


12. Brazil: Bookending our Olympic mani roundup is another gorgeous take on Brazilian-flag nails. Pair it with a caipirinha and you’re ready to cheer your heart out. (via Francristein)

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