You KNOW we live for Halloween here at Brit HQ. It’s pretty much mandatory for us to dress up when the big day comes, so we’ve kinda been planning our costumes for weeks. But we get it; if it’s not (literally) a part of your job, you might not be as motivated or as prepared when the holiday rolls around. If you’re the gal that loves to celebrate Halloween but doesn’t have time (or let’s face it, the energy) to come up with a head-to-toe killer costume, you’ve come to the right spot. We rounded up 15 fabulous hats, headbands and masks for you to sport on All Hallow’s Eve.

1. ASOS Halloween Pumpkin Mask ($16): Give the age-old pumpkin costume a glittery girly update with this sweet treat of a mask.

2. Urban Outfitters Queen for the Day Inflatable Crown ($6): Dress up as an easy, breezy, ballin’ queen with this inflatable crown.

3. B+C Shop Bando Red Twist Scarf ($20): Pair this Bando head scarf with a pin-up hair do and a chambray top for the easiest Rosie the Riveter costume ever.

4. ASOS River Island Halloween Leopard Kitten Ears ($14): How cute are these kitty ears? Can we wear them after Halloween’s over, too?

5. ASOS Velvet Bow Headband ($16): Add some suspenders and BAM — instant Eloise at the Plaza! Or, you could pair with some red and green clothes and be a super cute Christmas present.

6. Party Up Top Headbands ($17): Show up to your Halloween festivities with your bestie dressed up as “Party Girls.” Aren’t these Bracket headbands adorable?!

7. Urban Outfitters Rhinestone Goddess Headwrap ($24): Pair this headwrap with an INTENSE cat eye and hey, you’re Cleopatra!

8. Chris March: Big Fun – Hair Curlers Foam Wig ($20): We just happen to have all of Chris March’s fab wigs around the office and this is a particular fave. We mean… can you blame us?!

9. Urban Outifitters Cat Mask ($12): Take your cat costume (the original cute last-minute costume) to the next level with this awesome mask. It also comes in a multi-pack of animal masks, so you can co-costume with buds or sport different disguises to different soirees.

10. ASOS Kaleidoscope Turban Headband ($20): Don this ornate River Island headband and go as a gorgeous fortune teller to all those Halloween happenings.

11. B+C Shop Bando Gold Twist Scarf ($40): This wired scarf can be worn as a headband, a bow tie, an ascot, a rosette, or a super intense scrunchie… The options are endless here!

12. ASOS Johnny Loves Rosie Halloween Black Bunny Ears Headband ($46): We love a good set of bunny ears, and this one doesn’t disappoint. What more do you need?

13. B+C Shop Halloween Photo Prop Party Pack ($22): Again, a great option for you socialites who have plenty of Halloween parties to attend but can’t be bothered to make multiple costumes. Night One: Skeleton. Night Two: Monopoly Man. Easy as pie!

14. ASOS Twenties Style Headband ($29): We’ll take any excuse to wear this fancy headband in public. Plus, it could work as multiple costumes — ballerina, flapper, ice princess… the list goes on!

15. Rifle Paper Floral Set Tattoos ($15): Get original with these rad Rifle Paper Co. temporary tats. Badass Botanist? Hardcore flower enthusiast? Your call!

What Halloween headwear will you pick up? Have any other ideas for an instant Halloween costume? Share in the comments below!