Halloween is only one day a year, which means you need to pull out all the stops when it comes to dressing up in something spook-tastic. But we’ve found a way to sneak in some festive looks every day of October: with Halloween-inspired manis! With so many options to choose from, you can almost change up your nail game every day of the month! From black cat French tips to pumpkin face nail art to the most stellar sugar skull accent nail *we’ve* ever seen, here are 19 stunning (and scary!) manicures that are basically costumes for your nails.

1. Sugar Skull: We’d rock this smiling skull on any day of the year, really. Since it’s only a one-skull design, you can DIY this spooky-chic look for sure. (via Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily)

2. Scarecrow Tips: This would make a great touch to a scarecrow costume, or you could just rock these nude and orange nails solo to celebrate fall! (via Polish Me)

3. Simple Stripes: You can think nautical, but we prefer to think Beetlejuice. (via Pshiiit)

4. Bride of Frankenstein: The monster’s bride definitely doesn’t get enough nail art attention. With hair that awesome, we figure it’s time that changed. (via Did My Nails)

5. Punk Goth: These nails are downright elegant. All-black stilettos get turned up with a gold skull and 3D spikes. So. Cool. (via Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily)

6. Glittery Orange: With the right colorful glitter, your orange mani can look primed for a Monster Mash. (via Chalkboard Nails)

7. Halloween Collage: Can’t decide which Halloween fave to go with? Use a different nail for each October 31 icon so no one misses out. (via So Nailicious)

8. Jack Skellington: We love this black, white and purple tribute to a Halloween classic. Get the same nightmarish look with a tutorial from Colores De Carol. (via Celebrities8)

9. Candy Corn: It’s easy and it’s a classic. Just a warning though, you may have to resist the urge to nibble your fingers! (via Mad Manis)

10. Boo!: Give your ghost a voice with letter detailing. You could even use the pinky as an exclamation point. (via Handmade Reverie)

11. Blood Splat: Who knew that trendy nail colors like white and oxblood could come together to look so creepy? (via Nailz Craze)

12. Blacklight Glow: These glow-in-the-dark nails are perfect for parties where you’re sure a blacklight will be present (so basically EVERYWHERE on All Hollow’s Eve). Get ready to steal the show! (via Nordstrom)

13. Black French Tip: If you’re looking for something that’s more subtle but still a bit sinister, this all-black mani is the way to go. It’s elegant but totally mischievous. (via Style, Caffeinated)

14. Black Cat: Who says black cats are bad luck? With those perky ears and wide peeping eyes, consider the superstition neutralized. (via LipsSoFacto)

15. Red Lips + Fangs: Part Rocky Horror, part Twilight, these nails are deliciously devilish. (via Beauty High)

16. Peeking Mummy: This is a quirky upgrade to the mummy mani. You could make it more dimensional with stick-on googly eyes, if you dare. Bonus: use a glow-in-the-dark topcoat to really take it to the next level. (via Colores de Carol)

17. Pumpkin Patch: If you prefer to keep your nails light and cheery, paint on some smiling pumpkin faces. Consider this a mock-up of the real deal. (via Pshiiit)

18. Vampire Fangs: True Blood fan or not, you have to admit that the use of stiletto nails here is downright genius. Get your fang on! (via We Heart It)

19. Dragon Claws: Okay, seriously, how awesome is this? If you’re handing out candy with painted hands and this mani, you’re sure to be the best house on the block. It’s a trick and treat in one! (via Pause For Polish)

Will you be rocking a Halloween mani? Let us know in the comments!