50 Amazing + Creative Halloween Nail Art Designs
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50 Amazing + Creative Halloween Nail Art Designs

Halloween may seem light-years away, but if last-minute Halloween costumes stress you out, then you know it’s never too early to start planning for a killer getup. Halloween makeup and hair are a given, but the perfect costume isn’t complete without an amazing mani. This year we’ve pulled out all the stops with a mega roundup of some of the scariest, spookiest and all-around amazing Halloween nail art designs from all over the interwebs. From black cat French tips to pumpkin face nail art to the most stellar sugar skull nails *we’ve* ever seen, here are 50 gorgeous manicures that are basically costumes for your nails.

Orange Is the New Black

1. Candy Corn: It’s easy and it’s a classic. Just a warning: You may have to resist the urge to nibble your fingers! (via Mad Manis)

2. Glittery Orange: With the right colorful glitter, your orange mani can look primed for a Monster Mash. (via Chalkboard Nails)

3. Orange and Black: Looking for less fright and more fun in your Halloween nail art design? Then check out this striped and speckled mani! The classic color combo of orange and black make it unmistakably perfect for Halloween. (via Missadelinne)

4. Pumpkin Patch: If you prefer to keep your nails light and cheery, paint on some smiling pumpkin faces. Consider this a mock-up for the real deal. (via Pshiiit)

Ghoulish and Ghastly

5. Bride of Frankenstein: The monster’s bride definitely doesn’t get enough nail art attention. With hair that awesome, we figure it’s time that changed. (via Did My Nails)

6. Dragon Claws: Okay, seriously, how awesome is this? If you’re handing out candy with painted hands and this mani, you’re sure to be the best house on the block. It’s a trick and treat in one! (via Pause for Polish)

7. Eyeball Nails: Open wide! You’ll need a few different shades of polish to make these shockingly bloodshot eyeballs, but we think it’s totally worth the effort. (via Shakeshakee)

8. Frankenstein Stitches: We’re already haunted by this ghastly, yet totally appropriate shade of Frankenstein green. Thick black stitches make for a monstrous detail. (via She Knows)

9. Green Gooze Nails: Creating these oozing green nails is actually much easier than you may think. Start out by making three grossly green dots in the middle of your black coated nails, then squiggle your way up to the top. Doesn’t it look like you dipped your fingers in a vat of slime? Ewww! (via Shakeshakee)

10. Halloween Collage: Can’t decide which Halloween fave to go with? Use a different nail for each October 31 icon so no one misses out. (via So Nailicious)

11. Jack Skellington: We love this black, white and purple tribute to a Halloween classic. Get the same nightmarish look with a tutorial from Colores De Carol. (via Celebrities8)

12. Peeking Mummy: This is a quirky upgrade to the mummy mani. You could make it more dimensional with stick-on googly eyes, if you dare. Bonus: Use a glow-in-the-dark top coat to really take it to the next level. (via Colores de Carol)

13. Red Lips + Fangs: Part Rocky Horror, part Twilight, these nails are deliciously devilish. (via Beauty High)

14. Vampire Nails: Can you believe that these jaw-dropping nails take only three steps to complete? A coat of red nail polish “lips” are parted with a black nail stripe before pointy white fangs are drawn perfectly in place. (via MissJenFABULOUS)

15. Vampire Fangs: True Blood fan or not, you have to admit that the use of stiletto nails here is downright genius. Get your fang on! (via We Heart It)

16. Zombie Nails: Warning: There is no way to un-see these undead digits. Do they make us kind of nauseous? Yes. But we wholeheartedly applaud the brave souls who dare to dive all in with this disturbing mani (we tend to take a prettier approach on this subject matter). (via Psh***t)


17. Ursula from The Little Mermaid: You don’t need to steal anyone’s voice to wear these villainous nails. With a few simple steps and a steady hand, you too will be rocking this mani while you use thing-a-ma-bobs. (via Chalkboard Nails)

18. Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty: Just like Maleficent herself, these nails are not to be messed with. Villainous and electrifying, you know you are going to get a lot of compliments with this flashy design. (via Definitely Meg)

19. Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas: Although this design might consist of a few more steps than we’d like, we can’t get over how beautiful the end result is. (via The Happy Sloths)

20. Stitch of Lilo and Stitch: Let these Hawaiian nails add some fun to your Halloween costume. Don’t worry, they won’t cause as much havoc as you think. (via Depois Dos Quinze)

21. Simba from The Lion King: Want to be a mighty king for Halloween? Why not use this mani design to get all the animals talking. (via Toxic Vanity)

22. Tinkerbell of Peter Pan: Go off to Never Never Land with these super dark yet cute nails. While you might not be able to fly, at least you’ll be surrounded by a little bit of pixie dust.

23. Titans from Hercules: If you love the movie Hercules, then you are most definitely going to love these titan nails. They are strong, bold and beautiful — just like you and your goddess costume. (via Chalkboard Nails)

24. Martian Toys from Toy Story: THE CLAW! How adorable is this Toy Story mani? All you need is a coat of blue and a hint of green. So fun!

25. The House from Up: Give your nails new height with these UP-inspired designs. All we need now is a dog that can talk.

26. Alice from Alice in Wonderland: Aren’t these Alice in Wonderland nails maddening? Just buy a few beads and a bow to accessorize this mani for Halloween. (via Weheartit)

27. Belle from Beauty and the Beast: We are loving these windowpane manis. Whether you are dressing up as Belle or not, we say give this design a try just for the heck of it! (via Paulina’s Passions)

28. Disney Princesses: If you can’t decide which Disney princess you want to be this year, then just be all of them! This mani shows off their goofy side, because even a Disney princess knows how to have fun too.

29. Genie from Aladdin: If we had to make any wish, it would be to have these nails on our fingers STAT. Okay, and maybe a million dollars, but definitely these nails first.

Black and White

30. Cobweb Nails: Go for a more matte look with this spiderweb design. Unfortunately, the amazing spider ring is not included, but to make it up to you we have plenty of other spooky accessories we suspect you’ll love. (via Syl and Sam)

31. Half-Moon Cobweb: We had no idea that cobwebs could be so chic. We’re obsessed with the contrast of the black spider web design against a beautiful metallic background. (via Cosmopolitan)

32. Sneaky Cat Nails: We are loving these black tips with a bit of an unexpected feline twist. Pair ’em with a kitty costume for the ultimate wow factor.

33. Mummy Nails: We can’t get over how amazing these mummy nails look. And surprisingly, they’re not too hard to DIY. (via Peace Love Polish)

34. Skeleton Nails: These nails feature all kinds of classic Halloween motifs. We especially love the extra long skeleton that takes up two whole nails.

35. Spiderweb: We wouldn’t mind getting caught in this web. This design is a truly cool option to get into the holiday spirit.

36. Spooky Eyeballs: Spooky or sweet? No need to choose with these totally adorable nails. (via Totally the Bomb)

37. Black Cat French Nails: Cat accessories are all the rage right now, so why not accessorize your nails with a bit of feline flavor? These black cat nails are purr-fect. (via Lulu’s)

38. Black French Tip: If you’re looking for something that’s more subtle but still a bit sinister, this all-black mani is the way to go. It’s elegant but totally mischievous. (via Style, Caffeinated)

39. Bone Nails: Simple and sophisticated with a seriously spooky edge. All the boxes are checked with these nails!

40. Boo!: Give your ghost a voice with letter detailing. You could even use the pinky as an exclamation point. (via Handmade Reverie)

41. Simple Stripes: You can think nautical, but we prefer to think Beetlejuice. (via Pshiiit)

42. Classic Skulls: A no-nonsense skull mani minus all the distracting bells and whistles is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered. (via Syl and Sam)

43. Snakebite Nail Art: Okay, technically these have a little bit of red on them. But we think you’ll forgive us and our favorite nail artist SF Party Nail aka Taylor Watson. (via Brit + Co)

Dia de Los Muertos

44. Simple Geometric Design: Yup, one sugar skull on the accent nail will do. For all the other nails, a vibrant pink and black geometric design gets the job done. (via Spektor’s Nails)

45. Taste the Rainbow Sugar Skulls: They weren’t kidding when they said that this sugar skull mani incorporates every color of the rainbow. (via The Lacquerologist)

46. Technicolor Candy Skulls: Who knew that sugar skulls could be so pretty?! Between the minimalist white base and technicolor eyes, this is one standout mani that shall not be limited to Dia de Los Muertos. (via That’s Heart)

47. Sugar Skull Accent Nail: You know what they say: A pinch of sparkle goes a long way. Something tells us that this mani wouldn’t have nearly as much panache if it weren’t for the bejeweled embellishments. (via Miss Phibes)

48. Day of the Dead Nails: BRB, we’ll be busy replicating this manicure. Complete with a step-by-step tutorial, you need not be a nail connoisseur to nail this design. (via Elle)

49. Dia de Los Muertos Mani: Pay homage to this Mexican holiday with marigolds and mariposas. Done! (via Miscellaneous Manicures)

50. Rainbow of Candy Skulls: Colorful much?! As what just may be the raddest manicure EVER, these rainbow sugar skulls are nothing short of amazing. (via Ms. Lazybones and the Morning Man)

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