We do not need an excuse to make a piñata, but if we did, Halloween is a great one. Not only are piñatas easy to put together, but they also add a pop of flair to any party. And let’s face it, adults and kids alike love lining up to try and make it rain candy. Give your piñata a central spot at the party and let it double as decor so everyone can get a good look at it before it’s smashed to bits (sad, but true). Here are 11 Halloween piñatas to get your wheels turning.


1. Cute Spider Piñata: This big spider is perfect for your not-too-scary Halloween party. And the fact that you’re working with a single color crepe paper means any mistakes you make are completely disguised. (via Oh Happy Day)

pumpkin pinata

2. Jack-o’-Lantern Piñata: Doing all the tedious steps first, like cutting out strips of newspaper and fringing the streamers, will make the process here a breeze. Just binge watch your latest obsession on Netflix and power through it. (via Two Shades of Pink)


3. Large Mummy Piñata ($50): If party prep has you feeling overwhelmed, check one big project off your list by purchasing the piñata so you can focus on other details. Just because you’re going to be wonder woman for Halloween does not mean you need to try to be her IRL too.


4. Candy Corn Piñata: This one is sure to be a hit at your Halloween bash. To get your layered colors just right, start at the bottom and work your way up. (via Brit + Co)


5. Pirate Skull Piñata: Don’t settle for an ordinary-sized piñata. Buy an extra large balloon and make a statement while showing off all your hard work. It may take a while, but at least it doubles as killer DIY decor. (via Super Mommy)


6. DIY Halloween Piñata: Once you learn the basic technique, you’ll be able to make any word you want into a piñata. The possibilities are endless. (via Fair Goods)


7. Medusa Piñata: An undeniable work of art, this piñata will stop all your guests dead in their tracks out of fear and fascination. Fill some of the snakes with candy too for a fun surprise. (via Piñata Boy)


8. Sugar Skull Piñata: Put your paper flower making skills to good use and turn a standard skull piñata into a beautiful Dia de los Muertos-inspired masterpiece. The more colorful, the better. (via Casa Artelexia)


9. Mini Ghost Piñata: Whether you make one or a whole group, these ghosts will look great either way. They even make adorable goodie bags. (via Oh Happy Day)


10. Creepy Tarantula Piñata: If you prefer your Halloween festivities on the spookier side, then this one is for you. With legs made from dozens of paper towel rolls, this spider is definitely a labor of love and worth every second. (via Piñata Boy)


11. Frankenstein Piñata: Say hello to the cutest monster on the block. Construct your own creation with a few simple supplies you already have laying around the house, like felt and cardboard. (via Eighteen 25)

Which piñata are you making for your Halloween party? Upload a picture to Instagram and #britstagram and show us. We’d love to see it!