Is anyone else as excited for Christmas as we are? We鈥檙e pretty revved up for the holidays over here (it鈥檚 never too early!), especially because it means we can start decorating everything in sight. If you鈥檙e stoked to start decorating too, then consider the B+C Shop your stop for all the essentials: We鈥檝e got string lights, garlands, and last but not least,聽ornaments GALORE. Our beautiful ornaments range from hand-embroidered to 3D printed, and they鈥檙e all made by our favorite artisans.聽Here are 52 ornaments to deck out your tree聽from the B+C Shop!

1.聽Popsicle Ornament ($11.50): Make your tree a little sweeter with these downright adorable聽popsicles.

2.聽DIY Geometric Paper Ornament Kit聽鈥 Set of 8 ($25): This kit lets you fold your own geometric ornaments from card stock. These would also look great hanging from a fireplace mantel, no?

3. Mini Ornament Set ($16): Have you checked out all of our lasercut trees we made this year? Along with cake toppers and tabletop decor, we created these wood and acrylic ornaments to add a modern edge to your Christmas tree.

4.聽3D Printed Deer Ornament ($15): It wouldn鈥檛 be Christmas without darling forest creatures!

5.聽Pantone Ornament ($15.50): How cool聽would it be to collect聽Pantone color of the year ornaments every holiday? Get started with 2014鈥檚 winner, radiant orchid.

6.聽Me & My Arrow Gift Tags or Ornaments ($5):聽These guys double as gift wrap additions. We鈥檙e liking the simple wood + a pop of color.

7.聽Sushi Lovers Ornaments ($24): SUSHI! ORNAMENTS! Two words we wouldn鈥檛 have thought to put together, but we鈥檙e diggin鈥 it. These are good enough to eat.

8. Blue & Yellow Plywood Ornament聽($20): Get in touch with your mod side with this hand-printed ornament from Mister McGinnis.

9.聽Ding Ornament ($18): Don鈥檛 these make you happy just looking at them? The Great Lakes does it again with these charming wooden jingle bells.

10.聽Swan Ornament ($30): Hand-embroidered onto soft muslin, this beautiful swan is making us swoon :)

11. Red & White Plywood Ornament ($20): Nothin鈥 like those classic Christmas colors, huh? And paired with that scallop pattern! Who can resist?

12.聽Mexican Pi帽ata Ornament ($15): This painted ornament is actually made from an old Christmas tree! Meta.

13.聽Winter Flower Ornament ($6): Lasercut from baltic birch plywood, this pendant is the perfect marriage of modern and classic style.

14. Purple & Blue Plywood Ornament ($20): We鈥檙e digging the retro feel of this extra-graphic trimming.

15.聽Donut Ornaments 鈥 Set of 4聽($22.50): We fancy ourselves a nice聽donut-themed goody聽here at Brit + Co, and this ornament set definitely passes the test!

16.聽Mini Heart Embroidered Ornament ($25): We鈥檝e got our eye on these gorgeous heart ornaments. And why not reuse these beauties for Valentine鈥檚 Day decor?

17.聽Balloon Tin Ornament ($5): You can鈥檛 forget to add a vintage touch to your tree, and this cute balloon will do just that.

18.聽State Lovin鈥 Ornament ($20): For all of you that won鈥檛 be home for Christmas, let this ornament be a sweet reminder of where the heart is.

19.聽Canoe Ornaments 鈥 Set of 3 ($22.50): These handsome canoes are on a good dozen of the Brit HQ ladies鈥 wish lists, no joke. How cute are those paddles?

20.聽Olive You Ornament ($25): We love you too, ornament :)

21.聽Cupcake Christmas Ornament ($10.75): Calling all cupcake lovers! We love the use of beads and glitter on this super pretty bauble.

22.聽DIY Cross Stitch Snowflake Ornament Kit ($12): Cozy up by the fireplace and embroider your own Christmas keepsake with this DIYable hanger.

23.聽Watercolor Gem Ornaments 鈥 Set of 4 ($40): If you didn鈥檛 get the memo, geometric gems are super in this year, so these pendants are an easy way to trend up that tree of yours.

24.聽Adorn Ornaments ($14): We鈥檙e feeling The Great Lakes鈥 handmade touch and modern update to the most classic ornament shape out there.

25.聽Puppy Love Ornament ($20): Gift this ornament to any and all dog lovers in your life. Are weenie dogs not their thing? The Duo Studio also makes Basset Hound, French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Mastiff and Scottie versions.

26.聽Marbled Glass Teardrop Ornament ($20): Three Cedars Artisans paint the inside of their ornaments to give them this marbled effect. And because they鈥檙e hand-painted, each one is unique. Yes, please!

27.聽San Francisco Love Ornament ($25): We left our hearts in San Francisco too :)

28.聽Sled Ornaments 鈥 Set of 3 ($22.50): These lasercut beauties are such a lovely take on the traditional Christmas icon.

29.聽Bicycle Ornament ($25): Gift this to your hot biker friend鈥 you know have one ;)

30.聽Pop-Out Ornament Card 鈥 Set of 6 ($24): Another part of our lasercut tree collection, this card would make a great addition to your annual holiday card.

31.聽Geometric Gift Box Ornaments 鈥 Set of 10 ($30): If you ask us, geometric decor is ALWAYS a good idea. These particular gems also double as gift boxes 鈥 how brilliant is that?!

32.聽Feather Tag Ornaments 鈥 Set of 4 ($15): Hello, color-dipped perfection!

33.聽DIY Snowflake Ornament Kit ($21): Like Not So Modern Millie鈥檚 rendition above, Modern Needleworks鈥 embroidery kit is a wonderful project for those winter crafternoons.

34.聽Ice Cream Ornaments 鈥 Set of 4 ($22.50): Come on, who doesn鈥檛 love ice cream?

35.聽Marbled Glass Lightbulb Ornaments ($15): These string light-reminiscent ornaments are definitely Brit HQ-approved.

36.聽Dala Horse Ornament ($28): This Merino wool horse would be a darling gift for a newborn.

37.聽Metallic State Ornament ($22): Gift these handmade state ornaments to those pals with major state pride.

38.聽Chalkboard Ornaments 鈥 Set of 3 ($25): Ornaments covered in chalkboard paint? Um, GENIUS.

39.聽Animale Tangram Ornaments ($6): MAKEatx has really got this geometric ornament thing down. Choose from a fox, whale, bear or shark for this particularly rad trimming.

40.聽DIY House Ornament Kit ($21): More crafternoon goodies! This one is making Brit HQ especially nostalgic for snowy holiday days and nights :)

41.聽Circus Baby Elephant Ornament ($25): Holy cuteness. An Astrid Endeavor is WINNING the ornament game.

42.聽Camera Ornament ($20): Simple and sweet, this pendant could also double as an unexpected gift topper for your favorite shutterbug.

43.聽Personalized Monogram Ornament ($10): This embroidery kit lets you choose from four fonts to create your own monogrammed hoop. One for each family member, please!

44.聽Felt Elephant Ornament ($7.85): We may just have to have an animal-themed tree this year. How can you pass this cutie up?!

45.聽Handknit Glass Ball Ornament ($15): It鈥檚 like a sweater鈥 but for your ornaments ;)

46.聽Geometric Ornaments ($40): Jewel it up with these sewn felt pieces 鈥 because every tree needs a little bedazzling.

47.聽3D Printed Glow in the Dark Snowflake Ornaments ($15): 3D printed AND glow in the dark?! These might be our fave old school tech meets new school tech ever.

48.聽Metallic Triangle Ornament ($18): Keep it minimal with these hand-painted pieces by A Living Space.

49.聽Marbled Glass Cube Ornament ($20): As with the other Three Cedars Artisans ornaments listed above, this glass trimming was built to last for decades, which makes it a wonderfully sentimental gift.

50.聽Slice of Life Gift Tags or Ornaments 鈥 Set of 4 ($12): Add a natural touch to your gift wrapping or tree with these colorful wood slices.

51.聽DIY Cross Stitch State Ornament Kit ($12): This kit lets you embroider any U.S. state onto your ornament! We鈥檙e especially partial to the one pictured above ;)

52.聽Hedgehog Ornament ($35): Alright, this little dude just won our hearts. Can hedgehogs become an official Christmas animal, please?

Which ornaments will you be picking up this season? Share in the comments below!