Choosing your wedding dress is probably the most exciting part of getting married… aside from falling in love and celebrating that love with your friends and family, of course. Thanks to an industry full of crazy-talented people, there are dresses out there for every bride, no matter what her style or budget is. Today we’re chatting with wedding dress designer Hayley Paige, and she’s revealing her tips for picking the perfect dress, how she stays ahead of bridal trends and her design inspirations.

Your dresses are so whimsical and romantic. How did you develop your style as a dress designer?

For me, style is personality based and forever evolving. Of course, there are certain design elements that I will always gravitate toward. I also try to keep an open mind and allow ideas to marinate before implementing all at once. With every new season, my goal as a dress designer is to maintain a recognizable aesthetic based around novelty and unique, chic elements.

If you could give advice to the bride-to-be who’s looking for her perfect dress, what would you tell her?

I would tell her the same thing I would tell her about finding the love of her life: Don’t settle and know your worth! You deserve a gown that completely knocks your socks off. Embrace your happiness and have fun with it all. If there is ever a moment to really up the ante, this is it.

When you sit down to create new designs, what kind of brides are you thinking about?

I am inspired by the flirty and fashion-forward bride who just so happens to have a charming sense of self. She’s the girl who thinks about her groom, she’s not afraid to push the sparkle envelope and she sure is a good time!

As a designer, you’re probably totally abreast of all the trends, all the time. How do you anticipate them?

It’s important to keep up with the couture shows and the ready-to-wear markets, and I particularly like staying on top of film premiers and red carpet events. With regard to visual elements, more is definitely more! The bridal industry has a slower acceptance rate of trends, especially when a bride can so easily default to that tried-and-true “timeless look.” I try to not to overthink it; if I think the industry is missing something, I plan to get ahead of the trend by integrating one element at a time and balancing the overall assortment.

What’s your fave celebrity wedding dress, and why?

Forever and ever, I would always say Gwen Stefani… but then I saw Poppy Delivigne’s second ceremony gown! When you’re famous, there’s obviously a bit more pressure to make a statement, but there is also a prime opportunity to set a trend. I love celebrities that go for something totally unusual or choose an unknown designer.

Who would be your ideal celeb to design a dress for?

I was a competitive gymnast growing up, so I have major love for female athletes. I would love to dress Misty Copeland (ballerina), Sage Erickson (surfer), Julia Mancuso (skier) and of course, any of the fab five from USA’s 2012 gymnastics team.

Your Spring 2015 collection is a total dream. What was your inspiration for this line?

I considered my Spring 2015 collection a studley presentation. I listened to a lot of Rolling Stones and Creedence Clearwater during the development process, so you could definitely sense the edgier elements of rock ‘n’ roll. Incorporating metal studs and laser-cut leather was definitely a challenge, but I focused on delivering them in a romantic way. For every bit of edge, there had to be some ardor, and for every matte texture, there had to be some sparkle. The beauty was in the juxtaposition.

Which celeb do you think had the all-time best wedding dress? Tell us in the comments below!