We’ve mastered exercising on vacation with easy travel workouts and our fave in-flight yoga routine. But when we have to travel for work or life, most of our good eating habits get checked at the ticket counter along with our perfectly packed luggage. Since traveling to wellness destinations is growing in popularity, we’re sharing wisdom from the founder of wellness travel tour company Pravassa, Linden Schaffer, on how to stay healthy while flying the friendly skies. Follow these six tips to arrive at your yoga retreat or business meeting feeling your best.


1. Prep with gut nourishment. We know that making good eating decisions throughout the day starts with that crucial first one, so we should begin every trip with foods that boost our inner ecology and help us digest the rest of the foods we eat throughout the day. Linden recommends foods such as miso soup, yogurt or bananas to help keep the gut healthy and happy. She also advises, “If you’re traveling internationally and planning to try out the local cuisine, start taking daily probiotics a week before your trip to avoid getting a grumbly tummy.”

2. Step away from the salad bar. Sometimes the salad bar seems like the only healthy option, but Linden warns against it. “While a buffet full of veggies might look tasty, you never know how long the food has been sitting there, or if the utensils are properly cleaned. Eating from a germ-filled salad bar could make you sick — either stomach-wise or with a cold. Instead, order a salad to be made and delivered to your table.”

3. Slow down. Mindful eating is a huge component in allowing our bodies to effectively digest our food. While we sometimes can’t help having a tight connection, you shouldn’t rush through your meal. Sit down, and slowly and mindfully chew your food. If you’re perpetually cutting it close to boarding time, take your food on the plane for a more relaxed meal.


4. Skip airplane food. As delicious as the options are of chicken or fish (not), it’s best to skip them altogether. Pravassa recommends its clients pack their own snacks to avoid the sodium-filled airline foods. Another option is the popularized fasting trick, where you allow your body to rest and recover, instead of packing it full of non-nutritious substances.

5. Get plenty of sleep. “When we’re sleep deprived and in an unfamiliar place, it’s easy to reach for comfort foods like muffins, a slice of pizza or chocolate for a quick boost of energy. Instead, get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast to set yourself up for good eating habits throughout your travel day.” We’ll take any expert advice that encourages more sleepy time.

6. Use healthy apps. Since Pravassa is worldwide, they’ve got the lowdown on finding healthy restaurants anywhere. They recommend downloading the Happy Cow app — an international guide to over 40,000 vegetarian and vegan restaurants — which covers you for long layovers and growling bellies at your final destination.

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