Seems there are almost as many healthy food sites these days, as there are food ingredients. And most seem to be avoiding one ingredient or another. We’re not going to debate research behind gluten or animal protein or soy or any other health-food trend. If you are trying to eat healthfully, we say “Yay, you!” When it comes to healthy eating, we can’t go wrong eating foods that are minimally processed and don’t have long lists of ingredients we can’t pronounce and can’t be bothered Googling from our grocery aisle. Simple food, cooked simply — that’s our healthy recipes mantra.

When we are cooking for one, it can be so tempting to eat takeout. Sure, the cost of the ingredients is almost equal to the cost of the already cooked item. The problem is, we can’t be sure of the ingredients in takeout food. Well, here are 16 easy and healthy meals for one that you can whip up for yourself.

Another of our healthy-food go-tos is baked chicken. Baked whole chicken is simple food at it’s best. And if you are cooking for one, you can cook once and feast all week. We avoid store-bought rotisserie chickens — and you may well too, if you saw Food Inc. Over at Simple Bites, Aimee is getting back to basics with Roasted Chicken 101. She creates a rub of lemon zest and oregano that sounds fantastic, then sets her bird to baking for a few hours. If you don’t have a citrus zester, you can get a similar lemony flavor by piercing holes in two lemons and stuffing them inside the chicken prior to baking. As the oven heats up, the lemons expel their juice, keeping the meat tender and moist.

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(Photo via Simple Bites)