Between holiday office parties galore, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, perhaps you’re ready to give that ginger-lime infused vodka a rest for a bit (or not! Hey, it’s okay!). But if you’re cozying up to one of these healthy and filling holiday snacks and looking for more ways to cram vitamins and nutrients into your diet, scroll on for the Best. Shots. Ever. Hangover not included… although if you have a hangover, we’ve got you covered for that too.


1. Lemon-Ginger: You’ll thank us when you stop paying your go-to juice spot for a variation of this one. “Combine one juiced lemon (about three tablespoons) with one teaspoon minced fresh ginger and a dash of salt,”advises Sarah-Jane Bedwell, RD, LDN, a Nashville-based nutritionist and author of Schedule Me Skinny: Plan to Lose Weight and Keep it Off in Just 30 Minutes a Week. “The lemon juice and salt provide a natural source of electrolytes and the ginger has long been used to help aid with digestive issues and calm nausea. This is the perfect shot for when you wake up after a crazy night or are feeling a little under the weather.”

2. Kombucha: Giddy up to happy, healthy cells! Slinging back a shot of this powerful brew can work wonders for your body. “Kombucha tea is a beverage that is made through the process of fermentation and is well known for its beneficial effects on human health,” says Lisa Hayim, RD, MS and NYC-based nutritionist. “Research conducted in Russia indicted that kombucha can also improve resistance against cancer, prevent cardiovascular disease, stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammatory problems, enhance your body’s ability to detox and energize itself and improve digestion.” Cheers to that, indeed.

3. Tart Cherry Juice: Pucker up, gals. This simple shot (no mixing required) is a brilliant idea for imbibing year-round, but especially after One-Too-Many Season. “Make sure to choose 100 percent TART cherry juice and chug it right before bed, as it is a natural source of melatonin, which helps us fall asleep and stay asleep, or right after a workout, as studies have shown compounds in tart cherry juice reduce post-workout inflammation,” says Bedwell.

4. Miso “Soup”: Let this potent elixir take the hop from bowl to shot glass. No, we’re not talking about tipping back your leftovers from sushi night. Hayim explains: “Miso, which is made from fermented rye, beans, rice and barley, is commonly used in macrobiotic cooking to regulate the digestive system. Adding a tablespoon to some hot water makes for a probiotic-rich (lactobacilli and bifidus bacteria) and delicious way to neutralize the effects of pollution, alkalize the body and stop the effects of carcinogens.” Uh, can we get a double?


5. Spinach Juice + Lemon: “Vitamin C steals the spotlight from vitamin E in terms of immune-boosting properties (vitamin E also boosts immunity, but at a cellular level). Vitamin E is the major antioxidant in the body that is needed to protect against lipid peroxidation. Free radicals and lipid peroxidation are immunosuppressants, so vitamin E should be integrated into the diet as a method of optimizing and enhancing the immune response,” explains Hayim. Basically, you want to flood your body with both of these vital fellas. “Plus, the effects of vitamin E are compounded when consumed with vitamin C. Spinach is one of the richest sources of vitamin E, but it’s bitter when consumed alone. When combining with lemon juice (an excellent source of vitamin C), it’s actually quite tangy and fun,” Hayim elaborates. Juice both veggies and adjust to taste (you’ll probably want more spinach than lemon).

6. Wheatgrass: There’s good reason to slip a shot of this juice into your regular routine. “Wheatgrass is a young grass of the wheat family. Its biggest benefit is that it is packed with lots of nutrients, including iron, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, chlorophyll and vitamins A, C and E,” offers Bedwell. It’s quite the convenient one-stop shop, if you ask us. Bedwell agrees: “It’s a great way to easily and quickly up your nutrient intake!”

7. Spirulina or Chorella: Mmmm, there’s nothing like a little oceanic goodness to clink your glasses and toast to your health. “These superfood, ocean-based plants have been shown to increase the amount of both lactobacillus and bifidobacterium in the digestive tract,” comments Hayim. “These probiotics create a barrier effect against pathogenic bacteria (the bad bacteria). When we get sick or take antibiotics, this barrier is broken down, allowing easier access for pathogens to get into the gut. However, that barrier can be maintained by providing supplements of this ‘desirable bacteri,’ as it may actually improve your gut’s immune response to pathogenic organisms, as well as compete for nutrients with the pathogens.” Mix a teaspoon or so of the powder with water or lemon juice (add a dash of raw honey if you like) and bottoms up!

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