Heidi Klum has always done Halloween big, from her own costumes to the insanely epic parties she throws year after year. There’s always a lot of anticipation around what intricate getup Heidi will show up wearing, and she always teases us with a couple sneak peeks leading up to the big reveal on 10/31. This year, we were still totally shocked when she debuted her 2015 Halloween costume, which took Halloween costume prep to a whole new level.


Heidi’s costume of choice this year was Jessica Rabbit, the bombshell character from Disney’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and she did up the classic comic costume with WAY more than a red wig and matching dress. Her face and figure took on a totally different shape with majorly plumped up features thanks to the prosthetics on everything form her lips to chest to rear — and she looked unrecognizable when, after 10 hours (!!), her costume was complete. Thankfully for us, Heidi detailed her entire Halloween transformation process on her Instagram with pics and videos that gave us an inside look into the tips, tricks and the team who made it all happen.

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Prosthetic makeup really made the biggest change on her face and gave her those unmistakeable Jessica Rabbit cheekbones and super plumped up lips. Her eyelids are also very different than what we’re used to seeing on Heidi. She had extra curves added to her body — which she said she loved, BTW — and a serious dose of glam makeup to complete her look. Jessica’s signature red, sparkly dress and purple gloves topped it all off and made Heidi’s costume one of her best — and most intricate — ever.

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