Heidi Klum’s Costume Won Halloween Weekend
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Heidi Klum’s Costume Won Halloween Weekend

Heidi Klum loves Halloween – like, she really loves it. Year after year the 41-year-old model not only dresses in costume, but completely transforms herself into someone (or something) entirely unrecognizable. Last year she shocked everyone as a realistic looking old lady and the year before as a lavish, gold dipped Cleopatra.

This year Heidi ditched the human species altogether and decided to spend the night as a rainbow-colored butterfly. As she stopped for photos on the red carpet of her annual Halloween bash in NYC, she rocked wings bigger than her body, giant bug eyes and blue body paint.

As you might expect, a look this elaborate took a lot of prep time – five hours to be exact. Lucky for us the Project Runway judge gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the entire transformation via her Instagram. She started with a mysterious shot of her eye covered in black makeup and continued to build up anticipation with a time lapse of her entire metamorphosis.

Klum told E! News she decided on this costume after “someone very special to my heart called me a schmetterling [German word for butterfly], so I wanted to be a butterfly this year. They’re just so pretty and colorful and I used to love painting butterflies.”

Which one of Heidi’s Halloween costumes are your favorite? Share you thoughts with us on her pick for this year in the comment section below!