Thanksgiving is a mere three days away, and we have almost everything we need to make sure one of our favorite holidays goes off without a hitch — and that’s no small undertaking, when you consider all the prep that goes into it! As if all that weren’t enough, you have to worry about horrific allergic reactions… especially this year. Even if you went through your guest list and made sure you’d accommodated everyone’s food preferences and needs, you’re going to need to double check, because Heinz just stepped in some major shizz with their turkey gravy.

African American woman shopping in grocery store

The company is in the process of recalling 500 cases of HomeStyle Bistro Au Jus Gravy because they were mislabeled as Heinz Pork Gravy. The biggest problem with this is that the cases don’t have the correct allergen warnings — the gravy that’s actually in the cases contains milk and soy products, and if someone were to ingest something they weren’t supposed to, well, it could be really bad.

There is good news to all this, though: So far, no bad reactions have been reported. And if you have a jar of the unfortunate gravy in your pantry, you can return it to your favorite grocery store for a full refund. Crisis averted!

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(h/t Good Housekeeping, photos via KidStock/Getty + Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty)