Being pregnant now is nothing like it was for your mother. The basics are the same: An egg is fertilized, it grows into an embryo, the cells keep dividing, and eventually you have a fetus. But, for better or for worse, we now have so much more information and technology at our disposal to guide us through the process. And thanks to this app, you can see what鈥檚 going on with your baby in whatever stage you鈥檙e in 鈥 in 3D! Hello Belly offers three-dimensional womb-with-a-window views and much, much more. Check out what this awesome pregnancy app can do for you.

hello baby app

1. Easy Info: Most of us aren鈥檛 up for reading painfully dull, jargon-heavy medical information about pregnancy. Hello Belly offers practical, easy-to-understand tips (over 120 of them!) that will last you throughout all three trimesters. And even though they aren鈥檛 overly scientific-sounding, they鈥檙e written by pros in the field, so you know the advice is legit.

2. 3D Visualizations: Getting the written details on what baby is up to each week is super helpful. But a lifelike visualization is even better. No, you won鈥檛 get a peek at your baby; this isn鈥檛 some sort of high-tech hand-held ultrasound machine. But it does give you a representative 3D model of what a fetus is doing, week by week.

3. Yoga for You: You need a little calm in your pregnant life, and yoga can help. This app offers up a daily dose of zen, right in the palm of your hand. Hello Baby has a prenatal yoga class, which comes in handy if you can鈥檛 (or don鈥檛 want to) go out for an in-person class. It鈥檚 the perfect opportunity to de-stress and get in some yoga time 鈥 from the comfort of your living room.

*Bonus!* Don鈥檛 forget about dads-to-be out there! This app also has a father-friendly survival guide for those proud papas in the making.

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