For a foodie, the obligatory meal shot is practically a necessity with every *truly* great meal — ESPECIALLY now that you know how to take food photos like a pro. The edible equivalent of a celebrity selfie, these mouth-watering and oh-so-snappable shots serve as a constant reminder of all those great and BEAUTIFUL meals we’ve enjoyed over the years.


Unfortunately, there are still plenty of people out there who don’t have that luxury — in fact, 13% of all US households are reported to cite food insecurity. But thanks to Land O’ Lakes and their new “Delete to Feed” campaign, you do your part to change that.

Aiming to do what the ice-bucket challenge did for ALS, the company has created a genius social media campaign that will allow you to get directly involved in the fight against hunger. For every gratuitous food shot you delete, they’ll donate 11 meals to those in need. That’s it! One click and you’ve just fed two families.

Volunteers serving hot meal to people at community soup kitchen

Here’s how it works: Simply head over to the Delete to Feed Website and connect your Instagram feed by logging in. Once you’ve done so, you can select the snaps you want to delete and boom! All done. There is one caveat however: Your full feed won’t be available for selection, so you’ll have to choose from shots in about the last eight or nine rows of photos. In short? If you’ve been slacking on your meal documentation as of late, you migggghhttt just want to ‘gram that breakfast this a.m., less-than-perfect omelette be damned. Just sayin.’

The campaign will run through mid-October or until the campaign has reached its goal of 2.75 million meals. That’s a lot of foodie participation, so get crackin’!

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(h/t Bustle, photos via Getty)