Last week, we were privy to some pretty epic post-Emmy selfies (ahem, Kristen Bell), but even with no awards shows to speak of for round two of our celebrity selfie ranking (with a score of one being semi-interesting and five being insanely great), celebs like the gorgeous (and makeup-free!) Gwyneth Paltrow, along with eternal goofball Miley Cyrus, still served up some serious face. Find out who (if anyone!) got a perfect selfie score below!

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1. Gigi Hadid, Selfie Rating 5/5: Okay, if this doesn’t melt your cold dead heart, nothing will. A perfect five for being the couples’ selfie gold standard we all aspire to be (swoon).

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Coffee withdrawal going well. #nationalcoffeeday

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2. Jessica Biel, Selfie Rating 4/5: Jess helpfully demonstrated how all of us feel without our regular cup of joe for #NationalCoffeeDay, writing, “Coffee withdrawal going well.” While this more or less speaks to our soul, we’re deducting one point for possible vertigo after watching this video. Our eyes!

3. Emilia Clarke, Selfie Rating 4/5: Forget duck face: Emilia Clarke just invented her OWN selfie signature, aptly named “Dragon teeth.” “Season 7?” she says. “Oh yeah. We be ready.” With a face like that, we don’t doubt it!

4. Gwyneth Paltrow, Selfie Rating, 4/5: Though it’s not the first makeup-free selfie we’ve seen from gorgeous Gwyneth (minus one for originality), there’s something particularly free and enchanting about this one. Maybe it’s that birthday glow? “#nomakeup for my 44th birthday, embracing my past and future,” Gwyn writes. It suits you, BB!

5. Kate Hudson, Selfie Rating 1/5: There’s probably more things wrong with this selfie than right (that angle! The lighting! The brightness!), but this snap of Kate and Nicole (taken at Nicole’s disco-themed b-day bash last week) has us feeling mighty rock and roll Penny Lane, and for that, it at least deserves a spot on the list.

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Ready to watch #debate2016 #ImWithHer

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6. Taylor Schilling, Selfie Rating: 3/5: Taylor gets an automatic two points for hanging with OITNB co-stars Uzo Aduba and Yael Stone, and another one for suffering through watching that painful Presidential Debate. “#ImWithHer,” she says.

7. Zayn Malik, Selfie Rating, 5/5: Zayn Malik’s latest selfie was so good, it caused a complete (and utterly hilarious) Twitter meltdown. While this looks like your average, run of the mill pout, Zayn knows the key to a killer selfie is pure and utter shock value ― even moreso when presented without comment, as Zayn did here while debuting his (GASP!) newly beardless face. A perfect five, if we do say so ourselves.

8. Miley Cyrus, Selfie Rating 2/5: While there’s really not much substance here (she’s just being Miley!), hence the low mark of two, we’re kind of digging her simple, yet all-too-important reminder (along with that goofy face): “Choose happiness,” she says. We think we will, Miley. We think we will.

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OMG. I'm 29 soon 💆🏼

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9. Hilary Duff, Selfie Rating 3/5: Hilary gets points for this pic for the same reason she loses them: the caption. “OMG. I’m 29 soon,” she writes. While we appreciate her attempt at relatability (plus two!) and the adorbs face she’s making (plus one!), 29 IS SO NOT OLD. Minus two for you!

10. Naomi Watts, Selfie Rating 3/5: Looking like a deranged candy fiend, Naomi Watts indulges her inner sugar monster on her b-day. “Why eat one when you can have them all?” she says, adding “#cantstopme, #mybirthday and #sorrynotsorry,” to name a few. We can totally relate, BUT, this had so much more comedic potential had it been taken post-binge! We’d far prefer to see her with chocolate smeared all over her face, Augustus from Willy Wonka style.

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