Taylor Swift proudly showed the world that she voted, along with plenty of other celebs when it came time to cast our ballots. And while votes are kept confidential (unless we decide to let people in on our political leanings), more than a few stars chose to share who they were opting for, even endorsing their chosen candidate (Katy Perry, Kendall Jenner, Demi Lovato and Will Ferrell are just a few examples). One celeb who didn’t do so was Taylor Swift, though some folks seem to think she voted for Trump. Here’s why.

While many fans wanted to know who Taylor was voting for (like, A LOT of fans)…

Others called for the super popular star to use her influence and publicly endorse a candidate. However, Tay refused to do so. But that hasn’t stopped some folks from thinking that she actually did. And beyond that, they believe she endorsed Trump.

Why? Because of this…

Yep, that’s Taylor Swift in a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” hat. The only issue is: It’s totally FAKE.

So are the news stories that circulated during and after the election like lifeeventweb.com’s “Taylor Swift SHOCKS Music Industry: ‘I Voted for Trump’.” FAKE.

The fact is, we don’t know who she voted for. No one knows except for Taylor. And that’s totally her right.

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(h/t Elite Daily)