When you mix geometric shapes, metallics and flowers, you’ve got yourself a winning combination. These geometric floral mobiles add a bright pop to any rustic interior, or a touch of minimalist decor to the most eclectic of rooms. Clustered together and covered in fresh flowers, they also make a statement wedding centerpiece that will leave your guests in awe. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to build these beautiful himmeli-inspired sculptures, and how to use your skills from our Flower Arranging Online Class to deck them out!


You can match the blooms used in these floral mobiles to the bouquet or floral centerpieces.


I mean, how can you resist making these for every room in your house? It’s like jewelry for your walls!



– brass and copper tube stock

– fishing line

– wood beads

– brass and copper wire

– rope

– fresh or faux flowers

– scissors

– pliers



This pyramid shape is the perfect beginner-level himmeli. Once you’ve tackled this shape, you’re guaranteed to want to explore more complex ones!


Cut your tube stock down to eight pieces. We chose to cut four pieces about twelve inches long, and four pieces about seven inches long. You can adjust the dimensions according to how large you’d like your sculpture to be.


When you finish cutting the tube stock, you’ll need to re-open the tube to run the wire through. Do this by pinching the mouth of the tube with your pliers.


You should have a total of eight pieces.


Begin by stringing one of the longer pieces of tube onto the wire.


Then string a short piece of tube onto the wire, followed by a long piece of tube. You should be able to make a triangle.


String on another long piece of tube, and then string on a short one. Arrange the tubes in the formation shown above to make the construction easier.


Now we can create some structure. We’ll connect the two shorter pieces to create the base of the pyramid. Trim the wire and leave about two inches, then wrap it around the joint between the adjacent long and short tubes. Repeat these steps with three longer pieces to create the point of the pyramid.


Set your partially constructed pyramid aside, and string the remaining short tubes onto wire. These remaining tubes will be used to finish the base of the pyramid. Wrap one end of the wire around one joint of your partially constructed pyramid, and wrap the other end around the other joint to make a square base.


The last step of constructing the pyramid is to add the final long piece of tube. String the remaining long tube onto wire, leaving enough wire on both ends to connect it to the rest of the structure.


Connecting the last long tube should leave you with a pyramid.


Knot the rope onto the pyramid and string wood beads onto the rope to add a nice natural contrast to the metal.


For this next step, pick up your favorite flower varietals. Coordinate the size of your blooms with the size of your mobile. Use fresh flowers for events like weddings and outdoor parties. For home decor, use faux flowers. Take our Flower Arranging Online Class to learn basic skills on choosing the right blooms, and how to properly process flowers.


Bundle a few pieces of foliage and position them onto the structure. Secure the bundle onto the structure by wrapping it with wire.



This sculpture has added movement that makes it extra mesmerizing. Three of these hung in a row is all you need to create some seriously impactful decor.


To create this double triangle sculpture, you’ll need three long pieces and three short pieces of tube. Size the tubes according to how large you want your mobile to be. A good rule of thumb is to make the smaller tubes about half the length of the long tubes. We cut ours down to twelve inches for the long pieces, and six inches for the short pieces.


String the three long pieces of tube onto the wire and arrange the tubes into a triangle. Pull the pieces tight along the wire to create a taut hold, and twist the two ends of the wire together.


Repeat these steps with the shorter tubes to make the small triangle.


Tie the small triangle to the larger triangle using a piece of fishing wire.


Process and bundle your flowers, then secure them onto the mobile by wrapping the stems with wire. Knot some rope onto the mobile, and add a few wood beads for a natural contrast to the metal tubes. You’re all done!


Recycle these mobiles for any event by switching to flowers that are in season.


These guys are the definition of show-stoppers.

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DIY Production and Styling: Marianne Koo
Photography: Brittany Griffin