On the list of things you should do right now: 1. Drink more water. 2. Probably get back to work. 3. Immediately download the Hipmoji app. Hipmoji was released this month with a single goal in mind — to provide the world with all the hippest hipster emoji. And between old-timey facial hair and wayfarers, we think they nailed it.

Already we can think of at least 23,947,829 distinct situations we wish we had been able to throw out a Pharrell hat emoji. The PBR says everything we haven’t been able to put into words before. And the bubble tea just makes us thirsty, and happy that we no longer have to type out “bubble tea” anymore.

Version 1.0 of Hipmoji includes some awesome editing tools as well, so you can upload photos and insert emoji as pic overlays. They’re planning on adding new, purchasable icons with later updates. Come DL it, Bae.

Have you tried Hipmoji yet? What are some other hipster emoji you think they need to make?