Mary Tyler Moore Has Passed Away and Hollywood’s Reaction Is Beautifully Heartfelt
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Mary Tyler Moore Has Passed Away and Hollywood’s Reaction Is Beautifully Heartfelt

We haven’t even made it a full month into the new year, and already, we have the type of devastating news out of Hollywood that seemed to plague much of 2016, with an iconic celebrity death. Mary Tyler Moore, a well-loved actress and women’s rights activist, has died at the age of 80. Her show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, was the very first to depict a single woman in the workforce, and it propelled the careers of not just Mary, but many of the most beloved actors of all time, including Betty White, who just celebrated her 95th birthday.

Though women still aren’t exactly “equal” (we’re struggling with potentially huge wage gaps depending on which state we live in, for instance), we still owe a lot to Mary Tyler Moore and her strong depiction of working women. We aren’t the only ones who will miss MTM and be grateful for all she’s done for women, either. Hollywood is mourning the loss of this wonderful women’s rights icon, and their tributes are beautiful.

Some simply stated their love and support for the icon…

…While others focused on her achievements as a groundbreaking woman both on and off screen.

(Could you imagine? No pants on TV?)

Others offered pictorial tributes via Instagram…

Including one Miss Britney Spears, who wrote, “So strong, so courageous and so beautiful. Rest in peace, Mary Tyler Moore.”

Diane Guerrero of Orange Is the New Black shared a sweet personal story, saying, “When I was a little girl, I would watch re-runs of Mary Tyler Moore and this image has been forever ingrained my memory. I thought, ‘hmm, maybe I too can throw my hat up in the air like that one day.’ She then included lyrics to the theme song, writing, ‘Love is all around no need to waste it. You can never tell, why do’t you take it, you’re gonna make it after all…”

Many news anchors recalled that it was this show, and Mary in particular, that gave them the dream to go into broadcasting (representation DOES matters).

Even Oprah thought of her as a hero!

We’re eternally grateful to Mary Tyler Moore for giving us the drive to be whatever we want to be.

RIP, Mary — you’ll be missed!

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