Friendsgivings, family gatherings and coworker parties abound this time of year, and you never want to show up empty-handed. What does a host need? Flowers and pie are plentiful, so you have to get creative. If you have yet to volunteer yourself for a festive dish, check out these stellar holiday hostess gift ideas that will leave your host smiling and your wallet happy.


1. Domesticated Trinket Dish ($22): Is it planter? It is a catch-all dish? Does it really matter? Present this cute little trinket dish however you would like to your favorite playful host.


2. Prisma Accessory Organizer ($15): Your jewelry-loving friend will adore this pretty prism organizer. Wrap it in pretty lights ($15) and it transforms into twinkling holiday decor.


3. Holiday After Day Ornament Set ($25): These are perfect for new homeowners, a couple that just moved in together or even a newly married or engaged couple. Ornaments are wrapped up and brought out year after year, so give them something to make them think of you (and how awesome you are) next Christmas (and the Christmas after that).


4. Rose Bud Tin Set ($16): Giving Rosebud Salve is like giving several gifts in one. Among its many miraculous qualities, the salve works as a make-up remover and cuticle softener, and even fights frizz.


5. Origami Bud Vases ($14-$16): At these prices, these dainty origami bud vases leave you with enough money to buy a few buds, and your Friendsgiving table will have a pretty centerpiece.


6. The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray by Robert Schnakengerg ($23): Of all the coffee table books in all the world, this will be read the most.


7. Mooreland Dishtowel ($20): The variety of color in this watercolor dishtowel is just enough to make it work for any season — or kitchen. This will go straight from the gift bag to a prominent place in the kitchen, where it will get plenty of love.


8. Vanilla Cupcake Candle ($10): These petite candles are festive enough to brighten your tablescape for the holidays, but simple enough to stay out all year long. The vanilla scent may make you wish they were edible, so make sure there is a dessert table in sight.


9. Sleigh Bell Bottle Opener ($16): Sleigh them with this beautiful bottle opener. If you’re feeling fancy, present it in a tiny Christmas box just like Santa does in The Polar Express.


10. Bamboo Utensil Set ($15): Serving utensils are one of those items that you never seem to have enough of, come party time. With this hostess gift, you will not have to worry about that. Whether you’re serving salad, soup or macaroni and cheese, these will scoop and serve and look pretty doing it.


11. Alphabet Your Bottom Dollar Cookie Cutter Set ($22): If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could also use this to bake thank-you cookies for the hostess. The best kind of gratitude is the kind that comes in the form of cookies.


12. Boho Boutique Floral Bowl Set ($25): This set of bowls is perfect for laying out some cocktail party snacks. Arrive early and help your host divvy out the beer nuts between these boho beauties.


13. Winter Cocktails by Maria del Mar Sacasa ($23): Get festive with your liquid feast. This winter cocktails book has recipes for all those drinks you forgot about during the summer, like hot toddies and mulled cider. Your host will love the classic drinks and recipes in this collection.


14. But First, Coffee Thermal Mug ($14): This thermal mug is perfect for the go-go-go girl. Especially during this time of year, the latte is the most important meal of the day, no?


15. Whiskey Notes ($17): For the whiskey connoisseur, this pocket-sized whiskey tasting notebook is perfect. They can carry it to all their local bourbon and whiskey tastings and take copious notes on peet and spices and vanilla undertones.


16. Half Moon Planter ($14): This planter is half full, always. Pop in a pretty succulent and you have provided some(what) luscious greenery to your host’s winter decor.


17. Secret Garden Coloring Book by Johanna Basford ($16): Grab a pack of colored pencils to go with this adult coloring book Its pages are filled with intricate, swirling detail that will help your host decompress after a successful dinner party.


18. Marbled Jewelry Tray Kit ($25): These eye-catching trays speak for themselves. Whether you want to use them as a jewelry tray, a candle plate or simply as a decorative catch-all, you cannot go wrong with these marbled beauties.


19. Good as Gold Apron ($25): Your fashion-forward friend will appreciate this gold Bokeh apron protecting her holiday duds from flour and cranberry sauce. With a cute print like that, she may not even mind covering up her outfit.


20. Raised Bloom Whisk ($16): Whisk it, whisk it good. This pretty whisk is great for the host who likes to whip up breakfast or a meringue.


21. Spiced Punch Holiday Tin Candle ($10): When the oven is off and the scent of pumpkin pie no longer lingers in the apartment, your favorite host will appreciate this Spiced Punch candle a whole lot.


22. Tarot Box ($15): Give this gift straightaway and you’ll be telling each other’s fortunes by the end of the night. We see pie in your future.


23. Raised Bloom Pie Server ($12): At this price, you can bring a pie and these pretty floral pie servers. Would you like some ice cream with that apple pie?


24. Make + Give by Steph Hung and Erin Jang ($22): For the DIY lover, this book is the perfect gift to give over the holidays. It will inspire them all season long.


25. Cocktails for the Holidays by the editors of Imbibe magazine($20): If your favorite host has a bar-cart in the living room, this is the ultimate gift. She will be able to break it out for all future gatherings and, as the friend, you will ultimately reap the benefits. Win-win!

What is your favorite gift to give to a holiday host? Let us know in the comments below!