Few things are lovelier or more welcoming than a fresh bouquet of flowers — your home looks brighter, your guests are sure to notice and the host of your Friendsgiving feast will be thrilled to have a centerpiece. You can transform your flower game with our Flower Arranging 101 class and go from noob to pro flower designer, or head to Instagram for inspiration and see what #florists have come up with. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your winter wedding flowers or you just want to bring some color into your home during the grayer months (looking at you, January), these Instagram snaps will have you heading to the florist STAT.

1. Wreath Life: It’s all about the wreath this time of the year, but one made out of dried flowers can be left up long after the holidays are over for #christmasallyear. (via @manahana8)

2. Cool Eucalyptus: Once the flowers on this bouquet have faded, you can keep the dried eucalyptus branches in the bathroom and the steam will release all those good-smelling oils. (via @leranel)

3. Dark Colors: Orange dahlias, peach roses and a black vase make a seriously rad fall-themed display. (via @putnamflowers)

4. Succulent Bouquet: There’s no stopping the succulent. Those colors, those textures — these little plants are still king on Instagram. (via @keirafleur)

5. Jewel Tones: Dark reds and purples are always a great choice for a dramatic centerpiece on the table or as a way to freshen up your coffee table display. (via @letilepestok_spb)

6. White Berries: Big white berries look like mini baubles and Christmas ornaments, especially when mixed in with the red poppies. (via @lucylevenson)

7. Brown Paper: For a simple, but much oohed- and ahhed-over hostess gift, wrap up a bouquet in brown paper. (via @kxmran)

8. Shades of Purple: Wrap up mini bouquets with a few unusual blooms as gift favors or just to brighten up the guest room. (via @vlada_trugman)

9. Berries and Leaves: There is nothing more satisfying than going out on a walk and foraging for accessories for your flower arrangements. Branches, berries and even dried leaves all look amazing. (via @_asyabloom_)

10. Flat Lay Florals: Buy flowers. Spread on floor. Instagram. Proceed to put in vase. (via @rocknrosieflowers)

11. Rustic Wildflowers: Long sprigs of wildflowers give a lovely, casual look to your arrangements. (via @local_milk)

12. Blue and White: Frosty shades of white and blue are perfect for the winter season. Plus with this tip, you’ll be able to make your bouquets last for-ev-er. (via @averybelovedbloom)

13. Tea Time: Roses are always a good idea. Tea is also a good idea. Someone put the kettle on? (via @petits_bouts_de_vie)

14. Tied With Ribbon: These are a few of our favorite things, la la la. (via @vanessflower)

15. Deconstructed Minis: Repurpose a bouquet by taking it apart and putting all the different blooms in little DIY bud vases. (via @mcqueensflowers)

16. Ranunculus: Light pink ranunculus are appropriate any time of the year, but you can make them more holiday-ready if you throw them in a DIY birch bark vase. (via @pinkorchid.ru)

17. Desk Blooms: Did you know plants can improve productivity? So let’s just add weekly fresh flowers as a necessary office expense. (via @sveta_troshina)

18. Rustic Orange: Simple bouquets of all one color are surprisingly strong statement pieces. Especially when you have a personalized table runner that coordinates with your party colors. (via @maramco)

19. Pansies and Coffee: Who needs a vase when you can make pretty pansy patterns around your morning coffee? (via @lapikinmymind)

What are your favorite winter blooms? Talk to us in the comments below!