One of the biggest transitions into having an adult apartment is going from hand-me-down kitchen and housewares to sturdy pieces that feel like they are all your own. Sometimes we hold off because big fancy platters can be pricey (and you refuse to get rid of your plate and bowl set from IKEA — it was such a steal!). Plus, you’re unsure of just how often you’ll use that expensive piece day to day — if it’s collecting dust in your cabinet for most of the year, what’s the point? That said, you know it’s time to upgrade the way you coffee when you’re still brewing out of your college-era Coffee Mate and sipping out of a chipped mug. Let’s face it, it’s time for your table top to grow up too.

There’s no better time to make that upgrade than the holiday season. Whether you’re having people over for Friendsgiving or you’re hosting Christmas dinner for the first time, don’t settle for mismatched utensils and paper napkins. With just a little effort (and a small budget), you can make your Thanksgiving tablescape look way more pro by swapping out a few key pieces for ones that feel way more Pinterest-worthy. Start with these 12 picks below.

1. Ruby Rabbit Blush Wooden Cutlery Set ($15 for set of 24): These utensils have the perfect pastel pop and they’re eco friendly, too. Forget plastic flatware for good!

2. Anthropologie Chatoyant Carafe ($30): Keep the boring Brita in the fridge. This carafe will add a touch of elegance to your table. You can also use it beyond turkey for events like a ladies’ brunch (mimosas anyone?) or a wine carafe for a date night or dinner party.

3. Boutique Textiles Citrus Dinner Napkins ($28): These linens will add brightness to your table that paper napkins never could. Not only are they are reusable, but they’ll look just as good across your lap on those nights when you and your boo order takeout as they did on the dinner party table.

4. W&P Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker ($29): Here’s a cute and functional alternative to your old hand-me-down martini shaker, not to mention a welcome addition to any home bar.

5. Chemex Glass Coffeemaker ($39): Who doesn’t love a good pour over? This pot delivers delicious brew and will elevate you and your guests to coffee snob status like that. Plus, how much prettier is this to look at than your busted drip machine?

6. Leif Nouveau Tart Server ($20): Marie Antoinette much? These serving utensils come in a rainbow of colors, are easy to clean, and have a modern look while feeling old school. It’s the chicest alternative to old catering company serving ware.

7. KESS InHouse Weirdi Katt Cutting Board ($57): Who knew a cutting board could have such style? Use it to chop up hors d’ouvres and then as a serving tray for that finger food you just prepped. Your countertop never looked so artsy.

8. NoDa Design Studio Coaster Boat Set of 4 ($28): Time to toss the collection of cardboard discs. Whether it’s for your kitchen counter, coffee table or your patio ledge, you’ll want to use these coasters. The laser cut design makes a sleek addition to any surface.

9. Good Thing Paper Placemats ($17): Your thrifted cloth has probably seen better days (and has the stains to prove it). These placemats not only look great but if you dirty ’em, you can toss ’em! Until then, they’re a chic backdrop for even the messiest of guests.

10. Bracket Gem Treat Toppers ($15): Add some bling to your dessert table or appetizers with these gems. Way less boring than a tooth pick and way more reusable.

11. CB2 Branly Candle Holders ($11-$13) These aren’t your grandma’s candle holders. You’ll make your table top — or any other surface of your choosing — all the more modern with the geometric and metallic look of these bad boys.

12. Leif Ombre Paper Plates ($8 set of 8): If you’re gonna go with paper plates to avoid a dish pileup at the end of the night, use these. It goes without saying that these ombre plates make a gorgeous backdrop for your pies and other sweet treats. They also make a colorful addition to any BBQ, pizza party or cocktail party in the new year.

What kind of upgrades have you made to you made to your table top? Share your tips in the comments below!