The thing about those commercials for the latest, greatest hair invention ever is that they don鈥檛 tell you exactly how to get the those styles. Anyone who鈥檚 used a curling iron before knows that what we see in the ads is almost never what we get. Artist Cassandra also knows this all too well.

She鈥檚 a 19-year-old graphic design student in Canada who came up with a funny way to convey her hair styling woes. We loved her graphics so much that we scoured our site for DIY fixes to these common styling issues to help your reality match your expectations. Check them out below!

Be sure to check out more of Cassandra鈥檚 rad comics on her site right here, and read on for styling tips!

Taming Natural Curls: Naturally curly-haired ladies know very well the love/hate relationship you can have with your hair. Some days you wake up #flawless, but most days you wake up with a bird鈥檚 nest on your head. To tame the beast, and enhance its natural spirals, you just need a touch of styling. Curling a few of your top-layer tresses and scrunching with product can be just what you need for definition. Get the full tutorial here.

Harnessing the Hairspray: Unless you鈥檙e going for an 鈥80s vibe, the best rule for hairspray is to apply in moderation. It can be tempting to keep spritzing here and there until your look is just right, but trust us鈥 the more you spray, the worse it gets. Use more malleable products for the actual styling of your hair, and top it off with a light spritz just to tame flyaways or to keep an intricate look in place. Here鈥檚 how to get this look.

Mousse Waves: Mousse should help you smooth your waves, not flatten them. To amp up your mane without making it crunchy, we employ the magical diffuser. Okay, it鈥檚 not actually magical, but it does work wonders. After applying your smoothing product to damp hair, dry with a diffuser for a soft, full look. Here鈥檚 the play-by-play for this look.

Simply Spiraled: Cassandra used this illustration to show what her hair looks like post-curlers, but who has time for curlers?! The best way to get those spirals on-the-go is actually with鈥 (wait for it)鈥 a flat iron! Curl sections of your hair with the flat iron as if it were a curling iron and you鈥檒l get those voluminous, loose curls. Get the full look here.

Mastering the Hair Dryer: Heat styling should always be minimal to cut down on damage to your lovely locks. The less damage you do, the fewer frizzy split ends you鈥檒l have. So when you blow dry, let your hair air dry a lot beforehand. Also, stick with ionic dryers to cut down on heat exposure. Get more heat styling tips here.

Wind-Blown Messy Look: If you鈥檙e not a leading lady in a rom com, chances are your hair doesn鈥檛 look ideal post-convertible ride. But to get that tousled, messy-but-perfect look, try feathering it! Curl your hair loosely with a flat iron then flip your hair and shake it out. That鈥檚 it. Here鈥檚 a full step-by-step.

Got any secret tips for styling your locks to perfection? We鈥檇 love to hear your hair gossip below!