Now that we’re solidly into September—and eagerly awaiting tech news out of Apple HQ this week—we’re declaring it the week of the apple here at Brit + Co. To kick things off, we wanted to give you a little healthy eye candy on this Monday morning. We’re continually impressed with creative food preparation ideas, and apples seem to be the perfect canvas. Small, easy to carve, and delicious to eat, we couldn’t resist these 15 fun apple carving ideas.


1. Checkerboard: What can we say, it’s hip to be square with this checkerboard apple pattern. And it’s easy because you’re just removing sections of the peel. (via Just Bento)

2. Monogram: A is for apple! These would be great for a kid’s lunch or used on a table at a party in place of bunting. (via Wendolonia)

Aussie Apple

3. Aussie Apple: Slice it up, then seal it together with a band. This is such a smart way to pack an apple on-the-go and prevent it from browning in transit! (via Another Lunch)

4. Hearts: Bookmark this creative carving idea for Valentine’s Day, or use mini cookie cutters to swap other shapes. (via C. Mariani on Flickr)

Monster Teeth

5. Monster Teeth: Made with mini marshmallows, these great grins are a perfect healthy treat for a Halloween party. (via Kidspot)

6. Lattice Pies: Carve out your apples and refill them with pie filling to make these mini desserts. They’re the perfect end to your next dinner party. (via Recipe Sweet)

7. Apple Votives: Don’t go bobbing for these apples! Instead, just enjoy the fresh fall vibe they bring to your porch or patio. (via Martha Stewart)

8. Apple Sandwiches: Looking for a healthy snack? These apple sandwiches, made with peanut butter, granola, and chocolate chips, might become your new go-to afternoon pick-me-up. (via Whole Foods Market)

Cider Cups

9. Cider Cups: Cider is one of our favorite things about fall! And serving it in a hollowed out apple is pure genius! (via Give Me Some Oven)

Shrunken Head

10. Shrunken Apple Heads: Another spooky Halloween treat. Would you have ever guessed that this was made from an apple? (via Martha Stewart)

Cookie Cutter

11. Core With a Cookie Cutter: If you don’t have an apple corer, there’s really no reason to buy one. Instead, use a small cookie cutter to get rid of the center. We’ll be using fun shapes when we try this kitchen hack. (via TheKitchn)


12. Turtle: The options for carving the shell of this apple sea turtle are endless. What pattern would you try? (via Garnish Food)


13. Heart Apples: Show that special someone you’re sweet on them by cutting out your apple in the shape of a heart. (via Creative Kid Snacks)


14. Leaves: These apple and cucumber leaves almost look too good to eat! (via wtimm9 on Flickr)

Apple Swan

15. Swan: Yes, this one looks difficult, but you’ll be surprised at how easy it actually is! Just think how impressed your friends will be if you make these as place card holders at your next dinner party. (via Curious Little Kid)

Will you try any of these designs? Tell us which one is your favorite in the comments!