Going gray early? Girl, you’ve never been more on trend.

From hair to lips to fingertips, we are infatuated with gray-inspired beauty. Gray hair has been sweeping Instagram, in shades ranging from blue-gray to ice-gray to opal to silver, which we loved when we saw Ginnifer Goodwin debute a silvery shade at Comic Con. There is no doubt about it, there’s a shade of gray that will compliment every hair color.

It may seem ironic to some that what was once an attribute of aging — gray hair — has become a beauty trend with #GrannyHair boasting almost 100,000 posts on Istagram, but silver isn’t just for blue-rinsed seniors anymore.

If you are loving the look of “granny hair” but are hesitant about trying it yourself, one of these 10 gorgeous gray hairstyles will have you speed dialing your stylist. Before you do, think about what kind of effect you are going for. Ombre may be for you if you like your hair blended and bold or try Balayage for a more freehanded sweep of color. If you’re looking for a deeper pearlized finish, your stylist can mix in some gloss.

If you are thinking of a DIY dye job, you will want to consider some special tips for preparing your hair to be dyed pastel colors.

Here are 9 Videos to Watch Before you Dye Your Hair.

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