When it comes to DIYing your dye job, you want to make sure you do it right. Even though the hair dye may be temporary, you still don’t want to have a bad hair day… or worse, a bad hair month. To make sure your new style is on point, take a cue from a trusted beauty vlogger. From trendy balayage to classic highlights, these nine YouTube videos will prep you before you take the plunge.

1. Basic Tips: Before you start mixing your dyes, watch this video from the at-home hair-styling mavens at Clairol. You’ll be glad you did! (via Clairol)

2. How-To Guide: Once you’ve got your basics down, you’re ready to decide what kind of style to rock. With easy-to-follow instructions like these, you’ll be looking good in a snap. (via Carli Bybel)

3. Ombre Expertise: Ombre is the perfect dyeing technique for a laid-back look. Take a few pointers from this pro, and you’re guaranteed to look fierce. (via Guy Tang)

4. Low Lights Done Right: Want to spice up your hairstyle without a drastic change? Low lights can help frame your face and add some depth to your ‘do. With the help of this video, you’ll be ready to take on the challenge. (via Elle Bangs)

5. Natural Hair Dyeing: Natural-haired ladies, this video is a must watch for you. This amazing vlogger gives her honest thoughts about hair dye and natural hair, along with advice on colors to try. (via Naptural85)

6. Traditional Highlights: Skipping the salon doesn’t have to mean missing out on hair experts, especially when they’re sharing their wisdom on YouTube. At-home highlights can be yours with a little guidance and the right tools. This easy-to-follow video will have you feeling ready to tackle ’em in your own home. (via Anna Shefia)

7. Blonde Ambitions: Thinking about channeling your inner diva and going platinum? Make sure you take a peak at this video before you touch your tresses. (via Lauren Ivry)

8. Pastel Hair: Mermaid hues are huge this year, and we couldn’t be more pumped. If you’ve been dying to try out a beautiful lavender or more subtle violet this summer, peek at this vid for some helpful hints on how to successfully pull off that purple. (via POPSUGAR Beauty)

9. DIY Balayage: Balayage is seriously the big thing in hair styling. You might want to grab a friend to help you nail this technique, but once you’re done, you can toast to your success. We recommend mimosas! (via Free Salon Education)

What is your favorite source for at-home hair styling advice? Make sure you share it in the comments.