With body jewelry on the rise, we are thrilled to see anklets back in style. They can be subtly cute with shorts or sexy peeking out from beneath a maxi. With summer right ahead of us, this is the perfect time to whip up some anklets for yourself and your besties. This DIY doesn’t take much time or many resources, so you’ll be able to make plenty for the gal pals who are joining you on your upcoming summer beach getaway.



– chain

– two jump rings

– lobster clasp

– jewelry wire

– seed beads

– gold beads


– flat-nose pliers

– wire cutters



1. Measure the size of your ankle and cut the chain accordingly.

2. Attach the jump rings and lobster clasp at the ends of your chain.

3. Cut about 3 inches of wire and attach it to the first loop of your chain. String five seed beads, then a larger gold bead and another five seed beads. Wrap the end of the wire six chain loops down from where you began.

4. Follow this pattern until you reach the end of the anklet.


One of the biggest issues we run into with store-bought anklets is that they are the wrong size. The best part about making your own is that you get to customize it to fit YOU.


Cut about three inches of wire and attach it to the first chain loop. String five seed beads followed by one larger bead and five more seed beads.


Wrap the end of the wire on the chain link that is six links from where you began. Snip off the extra wire.


Keep stringing! Play with color and create a pattern. We skipped two links between each beaded section and made a blue and yellow pattern.


These colors make us dream about the beaches in Brazil. It’s high time for a vacation!


Ankle bling FTW!

What are your feelings on body jewelry? Do you hate it or love it? Tell us in the comments below!