When Kayne West’s hairstylist Daniel Moon comes up with a new hair trend, you take notice. His latest look is for the girl who wants to update her locks without committing to color. Introducing graffiti hair. By using temporary colored hair dye (which washes out after a few showers), you can create abstract designs like hidden rainbow ombres or paint splattered effects and go back to your normal hue within days. See how to wear the hair color trend below!

1. Rainbow Ombre: Take your love of color to a whole other level with this one-of-a-kind hairstyle. Create a peekaboo effect with bold hues to add a bit of pizzazz to an already out-of-this-world look.

2. Ring of Gold: Give your hair the OTT golden treatment with this “ear” ring design. This graffiti look is perfect for the beauty minimalistic who wants to update her tresses while keeping her natural locks intact.

3. Rainbow Undercut: While we’re already huge fans of the undercut, this abstract tie-dye design really takes the cake. Go big or go home with this bold look that can be tucked away during your nine-to-five or worn out for festivals.

4. X Marks the Spot: Want an edgier hairstyle for your next concert outing? Give this wild style a go. With a few mismatched colors and abstract drawings, we can guarantee no one will be rocking this exact cutting-edge hairdo.

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5. Rainbow Hi Low: No matter what kind of haircut you have, this unicorn-approved color combo is something to try. Layer on the hues to create a street art effect that’s futuristic and a total crowd-pleaser.

6. Short Shapes: Short-haired girls, rejoice! This artistic style is perfect for any nighttime occasion. Dye your eyebrows a highlighter hue to match your colorful ‘do.

7. Zig-Zag: Give your blonde locks some lovin’ with this two-tone dye job. Spray initials or a simple zig-zag to stand out in the crowd.

8. Lucky Seven: Tag your favorite design (or number) to show off your personality in a badass new way.

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