Halloween is just around the corner, and the quest to find the perfect costume is on! This aside, we all know that a lot more goes into a great costume than just the garb. There is makeup to be done, accessories to be gathered and Halloween hair to be perfected. That last one can be tricky, especially if your costume of choice requires some less-than-natural colors. Here are some easy, safe and temporary ways to achieve rad hair color this Halloween.


1. L’Oréal Professionnel Hairchalk ($20): This variation on traditional hair chalk uses a liquid formula and comes in eight unique shades ranging from Coral Sunset to Coffee Break.


2. Bumble and bumble Spraychalk ($19): Love Pastels? Renowned hair brand Bumble and bumble’s limited edition Spraychalk offers quick-dry tints that will have you looking pretty in pastel in no time. It would be perfect for that mermaid costume you’ve been dreaming up.


3. STREEKERS Temporary Hair Color ($12): Sure, it looks like lip gloss, but don’t be confused. This is actually temporary hair color and comes in eight bright shades that won’t make your hair brittle. That means you can brush your hair after applying without losing your color!


4. Splat Hair Chalk ($4): Splat Hair Chalk glides on dry and comes in seven fun colors. Whether you are going all-out fairy or gothy vamp, these shades will help you get there.


5. Wild Streaks Henna Hair Tints ($10): Those looking for a more natural color option should consider these semi-permanent henna hair tints. But be warned, these may take a few weeks to wash out completely!


6. Blue Lagoon Ombre Hair Extensions ($140): Consider investing in some quality hair extensions like this awesome ombre set and forgo the dye entirely. That way, you can pop ’em on whenever you are going for a Kylie-inspired look.


7. Manic Panic Glam Strips ($7): These easy clip-in hair strips glow under black lights and come in a variety of neon colors. Pick up one or go crazy with a variety or colors for a rainbow-inspired costume.


8. Manic Panic Dye Hard Gel ($5): Here’s another one that glows under black lights. With this gel, you can style and color at the same time.


9. Temporary Hair Chalk Set ($14): Pick up this hair chalk and you’ll be prepared for many Halloweens and costume parties to come. It’s non-toxic and comes with a rainbow of colors, making it easy to find the perfect hue for your spooky getup.


10. Rita Hazan POP Color ($18): Designed to work on all hair colors — from blonde to black tresses — this hair color spray will be great to share with your girls while getting ready. It gives it a vibrant all-over coverage that washes out easily.


11. UV Hair Streak Painted Glow ($6): Yup, hair mascara is a thing. Most use it to touch up their roots, but these bright beauties provide a fun temporary color option for All Hallow’s Eve.


12. Kevin Murphy Color Bug ($10): If you are looking for a wipe-on ,wipe-off color, then look no further. Available in a variety of colors, this one comes in neat containers that are easy to apply without getting color all over your costume.

Do you have an easy temporary hair color methods we missed? We’d love to hear it! Let us know in the comments below.