No, we’re not talking about beach waves. The undercut is on the rise — it’s a hot haircut that offers the edginess we’re always seeking, and no matter what you wear, you’ll be oozing instant cool. If you’re ready to take the plunge, it’s time to figure out which style suits your vibe. We’re sharing five celebs who prove anyone can rock this ‘do, no matter what your vibe is. Scroll on to pick the look that best defines you and get ready to up your selfie game.

The one who is always experimenting with their style


The Dyed Undercut: You’ve got a constantly shifting art collection and are already questioning that self-installed wallpaper you loved last week. You’re all about the latest, the newest, the trendiest and the most exciting. You dress for the thrill. The style for you? The dyed undercut. What makes this trend such a good fit for your experimental personality is that it gives you two distinct parts of your hair to play with. Take a cue from Kelly Osbourne — maybe you’ll dye the top neon and the bottom pastel purple. Maybe you’ll dip-dye the top and ombre the bottom. The possibilities are endless — if you get sick of it, you can always re-dye it. (Photo via @kellyosbourne)

The one with the backpack full of feminist books


The Messy Pixie + Undercut: Your copy of The Feminine Mystique is sandwiched between a half-dozen feminist novels, and your go-to accessory is a solid glasses-backpack combo. For the academic looking for something stylish that doesn’t require too much work in the mornings — after all, you do have a library to visit — we recommend a messy pixie + undercut like Scarlett Johansson. This look keeps you on point without having to deal with either half of your head. (Photo via Anthony Harvey/Getty)

The one who puts the edge in edgy


The Chic Updo + Undercut: You wait all year for festival season, you run an upcoming site where you assign your editors to review the latest in chillstep and you want a hairstyle as smooth and seamless as your playlists. For you, check out the chic updo + undercut. This look is pure, classy magic at the front and a clean cut in the back that can be styled as edgy as you’re feeling. Plus, with so many different ways to go about an updo, you’ll never get over this look. (via @badgalriri)

The one with designs on her nails and art supplies under her bed


The Patterned Undercut: You’ve never wanted to be neat and tidy, and the word “classy” makes you want to run in the opposite direction. You want to embody art, and what embodies art more than getting your doodles shaved into your head? We’re talking about the patterned undercut. Ranging anywhere from the pretty tame to the totally intense, the patterned undercut can be about as extensive as your stylist is capable of. Bring in a picture of your favorite doodle and let the magic happen. (Photo via @ddlovato)

The one with a ten-year plan


The Baby Undercut: You’re a rule-follower. You have every date — from your graduate school application deadline to the birth of your first child — scheduled in the calendar inside of your head, and your favorite book is your planner. The baby undercut is the look for you. It’s a cut so subtle, your boss won’t even give you a second look. Here’s your opportunity to add a little funk to your otherwise totally controlled and tidy appearance. (Photo via @aliciakeys)

Tell us — are you going to try an undercut? Which style will you go for? Let us know in the comments below!