2015 is approaching faster than we can polish off that plate of holiday cookies, and new goals, schedules and to-do lists are a BIG part of our very near futures. And as much as we’re glued to our smartphones, there’s still nothing like — gasp! —a good ol’ paper and pen. Whether you live by a strict schedule or you’re more of a creative soul who needs easy access to a pad when the mood strikes, you’ll find that owning a personal planner is great for one thing: getting stuff done. Pick up one of these pretty planners and you might just land that new job, finally make it to an early morning cycling class and organize that long-overdue getaway with your besties.

1. Kate Spade Painterly Cheetah ($36): A planner in a non-neutral cheetah print? We’re drooling.

2. Design Love Planner ($55): Keep your 2015 resolutions in check — er, in stripes — with this gorgeous planner.

3. Lilly Pulitzer ($28): Talk about your conversation starter. This little book will do more than help a girl stay on schedule; it’ll break the ice during awkward appointment-planning with strangers. Everyone will want to know where you found such a beautiful Lily Pulitzer book.

4. Simplified Planner ($58): You’ve tried the “sticky notes everywhere” method, the phone calendar method (so impractical), the “no plan at all so hopefully I’ll remember everything” method and maybe a few others, and you’re still on the hunt for a way to keep track of your life. Pen and paper will not fail you.

5. Geometric Pattern ($25): Stylish, lightweight and small enough to fit in your bag. What more could a girl want?

6. Sugar Paper Frosted Cover on Bold Stripes ($13): It’ll be impossible to lose sight of this peppy pink stripe agenda. Plus, you know… it’s just pretty.

7. Kate Spade Metallic Dot ($30): The presence of the planner proves you’re a savvy lady; the metallic dots show everyone you’re no stranger to style either.

8. May Designs in Watercolor Floral ($22): This new accessory planner is so pretty, you’ll need to carry it just to give all your outfits that special “pop.” It’s about the size of a giant chocolate bar, so you won’t have to worry about being weighed down with this week’s appointments. With so many patterns and color options, it’s no wonder they were featured as one of Oprah’s favorite things for 2014.

9. Mint & Gold Confetti Planner ($25): The best part about a new year is picking out a new planner. Doesn’t this gold confetti cover just scream “party time”?

10. Sugar Paper Navy Cabana ($13): Sometimes staying organized can be difficult, but opening a planner this pretty will be an easy habit to start.

11. Papersource Sketch Flower ($19): This cover is basically a botanical garden. It’s so pretty, you’ll want to prop it in your office like a picture print.

12. Day Designer ($55): This planner was created as a tool for stylish women. It’s filled with daily motivational quotes to keep you inspired and help you live a life you love.

Okay, it’s “share your planner” time! Tell us in the comments below what 2015 planner you will use (or better yet, share a photo so we can see how pretty it is!).