You can ombre your lips, you can ombre your nails, you can even ombre your… legs? But our favorite ombre trend is the most obvious one — ombre hair. And guess what? Just when you thought that maybe the trend was played out, it’s still here and fiercer than ever. In fact, the trend is evolving in some interesting and unexpected ways. Haven’t experienced the look on your own lovely locks yet? Here are some celebs and models for a little inspo.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker: Every girl’s style icon and possibly the coolest mom ever, SJP is rocking the ombre look now more than ever. (via Glamour)

2. Demi Lovato: It seems that Demi can’t get enough hair color. She’s even turned gray — on purpose! — or “silver” as we’ll call it when we do it ourselves ;) Whatever you want to call it, she pulls it off. (via Steal Her Style)

3. Vanessa Hudgens: Miss Hippie Chic is always throwing us for a loop, style-wise. One day she’s a mermaid; the next day, she’s got pink tips for Coachella. But if you can rock it, then by all means, do. (via vanessahudgens)

4. Olivia Wilde: Pregnant women are warned not to dye their hair, and luckily for Olivia, that ombre look is still in style. Now that she’s had the baby, she might go back to her dark tresses, but we still like the beach goddess look. (via Marie Claire)

5. Kylie Jenner: Just like the rest of the Kardashian crew, Kylie recently made news. Um, when she chopped off her hair. And then when she dyed it blue. While her family might be wondering what the heck she’s thinking, all we know is that we like it. (via Behind the Chair)

6. Lily Allen: Lily’s back, and she’s making sure we know it. Mostly by showing up with some crazy, colorful twists on the ombre look. You’ve got our attention, Lily. (via Glamour)

7. Nina Dobrev: This Vampire Diaries star keeps ombre classy, rocking a look easily imitated by us mere mortals. (via InStyle)

8. Khloe Kardashian: Okay, okay, so we have two Kardashian family members on our list, but hear us out. Khloe is the original ombre queen, starting this whole trend in the first place and looking better than ever today. (via Us Magazine)

9. Half and Half: Women’s Wear Daily says the next iteration of this trend is something they’ve tagged “half and half,” blending together natural hair color with pastel fun. But we’re guessing this trend is only for the bravest among us. (via WWD)

10. Ombre Eyelashes: If you’re putting false eyelashes on anyway, why not make them stand out? It’s not like you were going for a natural look anyway ;) (via A-Magazine)

Are you still rocking the ombre trend? What else could we ombre? Let us know in the comments below!