By the time December rolls around, you’ll already be done with your Thanksgiving weekend Gilmore Girls binge and wondering what to watch until the second season of Fuller House is here.

While biding your time with some Hallmark Christmas movies is a good way to pass the time and get in the holiday spirit, when you just want to sink into the couch and marathon something juicy, we’ve got your new favorite show: It’s called Shut Eye, and it’s about the underground world of Los Angeles storefront psychics. YES. PLEASE.

All episodes of Shut Eye will be available on Hulu as of December 7. Unlike Netflix, Hulu doesn’t typically release entire seasons at once, but with the holidays (and therefore more free time for binge-watching) on the horizon, we’d say it’s a smart move to do so. (Remember how Making a Murderer came out right before Christmas on Netflix last year and none of us left our TVs for days? Yeah. Smart move.)

The trailer doesn’t offer up too much, but with our love of all things supernatural, it already has us hooked. A shut eye is described as “a magician that starts believing his own tricks,” which is, essentially, the plot of the show — Jeffrey Donovan (who you might recognize from Burn Notice) plays Charlie Haverford, a one-time magician who runs a corrupt chain of storefront psychic parlors. But when he starts to see visions of his own, he starts to question his entire world and beliefs.

With a cast and crew made up of alumni from hit shows like Burn Notice, Private Practice, Breaking Bad, Parenthood, Friday Night Lights and more, Shut Eye is about to become your newest, spookiest fave.

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(Featured photo via Hulu/Facebook)