Here’s a news item to be filed under: HOLY CRAP.

Brendan Dassey, in case you’ve forgotten, is the nephew of Making a Murderer‘s Steven Avery. Back in 2007, Dassey and his uncle were sentenced to life without parole for 41 years for the death of Teresa Halbach in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. The case got tons of attention in Wisconsin at the time, and its Netflix treatment last winter brought the story back to the fore. In fact, the case is even getting the Law and Order: SVU treatment.


But back to Brendan Dassey. The then-teen’s narrative arc in the addictive Netflix true crime documentary is one of the more heartbreaking and controversial aspects of the case, and many who watched the drama questioned whether or not Dassey’s eventual confession was legit or the result of coercion by investigators. And truly, the footage of the shy and soft-spoken teen as he’s being interrogated remains some of the hardest-to-watch TV Netflix has ever released.

Just this afternoon, a federal judge overturned the conviction ruling, saying that the state has 90 days to appeal the federal order or else Dassey MUST be released from prison. According to WISN 12, the judge had some serious words for Dassey’s lawyer at the time of the crime, whose “misconduct” in defending Dassey he describes as “indefensible.”

Meanwhile, Steven Avery’s murder conviction still stands.

In other words: Season two of Making a Murderer will be a mega must-watch.

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