Guys, have you heard? Gilmore Girls is coming back. LOL, just kidding. Everyone and their mother has heard. Behind-the-scenes teasers and photos from the show’s revival have been flooding our feeds for months now. But hey, we’re not complaining. We’re beyond pumped to see Stars Hollow brought back to life. But, considering they just wrapped up filming in May, we didn’t expect to reunite with our favorite mother-daughter duo until closer to the holiday season. That was until Lauren Graham revealed in a new teaser that the show will be available MUCH MUCH sooner than we thought.

In the teaser clip, Lauren drops two huge pieces of news. First, she tells us that the show will be available globally. She says, “Anywhere you can watch Netflix, you can watch Gilmore Girls starting July 1.” Wait, WHAT? July 1?!?!! That’s in three days! Are we hallucinating RN? She goes on to say, “You may have heard that new episodes of Gilmore Girls are coming to Netflix later this year, but we can’t wait.” OMG. This is not a drill people. She finished by warning viewers, “Careful, we talk fast.”

Wow, okay. Please excuse while we cancel ALL our holiday weekend plans and stock up on coffee and Pop Tarts for our viewing party.

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(Photo via Jon Kopaloff/Getty)