To celebrate the tail end of National Ice Cream Month, we’re devoting this entire week to ICE CREAM EVERYTHING! From ice cream decor to ice cream innovations to straight up ice cream, this week promises to be packed to the max with frozen festivities. #staycool

We’ll kick things off with a walk down memory lane — here are 20 of our favorite ice cream recipes from the Brit + Co archive!

1. Ice Cream Layer Cake: For a new twist on ice cream cake, go for luscious layers dotted with sprinkles and lined with chocolate sauce. Yum.

2. Bananas and Biscoff: Two ingredients and a blender is all you need to make this summery scoop.

3. Blue Moon Ice Cream Push Pops: Speaking of summery, what’s better than a Blue Moon with an orange wedge in it? The same thing in ice cream form :)

4. Brownie, Moose Tracks and Pirouline Cookie Ice Cream Cake: Every single ingredient in this ice cream cake makes our sweet tooth tingle.

5. Skinny Pumpkin Pie Frozen Yogurt: This skinny scoop is only 100 calories! It’s a great way to indulge in your favorite fall flavor all summer long.

6. Tropical Ice Cream Terrine: It’s like a Neopolitan but tropical, tidy and so colorful!

7. Snickers Ice Cream Brownie Bites: Keep a whole tray of these brownie a la mode bites in your freezer for late night snacking.

8. Cake Batter Ice Cream Cupcakes: Why oh why is cake batter ice cream so darn good?

9. Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookie Ice Cream Sandos: Ready for some meta PB and J action? Peanut butter cookies with JELLY ice cream. So good.

10. Avocado Ice Cream: Just when you thought avocados couldn’t get creamier.

11. Strawberry Balsamic Rosemary Ice Cream: This fragrant combo is like a salad in a scoop.

12. Cereal Milk Ice Cream: Inspired by the hype around Momofuku’s signature sweet, this tutorial will show you how to make your own batch of cereal milk ice cream.

13. Bourbon Pecan Pie Ice Cream: Boozy ice cream? Yes please.

14. Almond Joy Ice Cream: Another two ingredient recipe, all you need to make this is coconut milk and Nutella.

15. Banana Chocolate Ice Cream: We can’t really get enough of these 3-ingredient recipes, especially when bananas and peanut butter are involved.

16. Football Brownie Ice Cream Sandos: Brownies, meet ice cream. We think you’re going to be lifelong friends.

17. Peach Cinnamon Chip Ice Cream: Cinnamon chips might be our new favorite topping.

18. Pumpkin Ice Cream Tart With Speculoos Crust: Bookmark this one for Thanksgiving, especially if your’e celebrating in a warmer climate.

19. Classic Cookie Ice Cream Sandos: These might be the quickest ice cream sandwiches known to man. Just get your favorite cookies together and scoop a little ice cream in the middle!

20. Salted Caramel Bourbon Milkshake: We’ll finish things off with ice cream, salted caramel and bourbon. How can you go wrong?

Whew — we’re hungry now!

What are your favorite ice cream recipes? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter, and feel free to use the coolest hashtag ever: #staycool ;)