Has anyone solved the mystery of why nightstands are so expensive? Yes, we need them for neatly storing all our lotions, books, and chargers, but when you have to buy two of them, you don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount. IKEA comes to the rescue with their simple and universally appreciated designs that you can take to the next level with the right paint, surfaces, and accessories. Whatever style your room is, we’ve got nightstand hacks that won’t break the bank.

1. Contact Paper Nightstand: Adhesive paper offers all kinds of options, such as marble, wood, or copper, for dressing up the top of your nightstand. Spray paint the legs, and it’s totally transformed. (via Kristi Murphy)

2. No Frills: Want something clean and simple? Opt for an easy hack with white paint, new legs, and a basic gold-accented drawer pull. (via Erin Spain)

3. Dresser Nightstand: Anyone else keep an unnecessary amount of things by their bed? If you love having extra storage, you can’t go wrong with the IKEA Rast dresser as a nightstand. Paint it in your chosen color and add some golden drawer pulls for extra style points. (via Armelle)

4. Twin Tables: Transform two nesting tables into adorable twins with your favorite contact paper and spray paint color. (via Brit + Co)

5. Statement Drawer Pull: Draw attention to your nightstand with a big drawer pull. This one uses a house number, but you can use anything that has meaning to you. (via Cherished Bliss)

6. Stand Tall: Add inexpensive legs to an IKEA shelving unit for a side table that’s modern and classic all at the same time. Plus, by adding your own legs you can ensure your table is the right height. (via Sugar & Cloth)

7. Golden Side Tables: Isn’t it amazing how a little bit of gold spray paint can take a plain IKEA table to instant glam? (via Oh My Dear)

8. Matchy Matchy: Stain your nightstand the same color as your headboard for a seamless transition from bed to table. (via Classy Clutter)

9. Tech Friendly: Is your room’s only outlet way too far from your bed? Use this hack to create a charging station inside your nightstand drawer. (via Curbly)

10. Glass and Brass: Get a dresser that doubles as storage space and a nightstand, paint it your favorite color, then finish it with glass-and-brass drawer pulls for a modern touch. (via Erin Spain)

11. Campaign Dresser: Dress up those drawers with some gold corners and fancy gold handles for a sleek, budget-friendly campaign dresser. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

Which is your favorite IKEA nightstand transformation? Tag us in your hacking projects on Instagram!

Additional reporting by Sara Cagle