Well, friends, summertime is coming to an end, and soon many of us (or our kiddos) will be back at school. Our pool party schedule is thinning out, as is our bathing suit hunt, but we are pumped to start shopping for the perfect backpack or buying and DIYing office supplies. With this in mind, we want to share a cute, easy way to update a desk organizer. All it takes is a little bit of paint and some creativity!

We love a good Ikea hack and are digging this raw wood desk organizer. It’s the perfect piece to customize. Grab your paint brushes and get making!

Materials and Tools:


1. Spray paint your mini chest of drawers. The Ikea Moppe is made with untreated wood, so you don’t need to sand it. Woo hoo!

2. Once it’s dry, pull out the drawers so that it’s easier to work with each piece.

3. Use your masking tape to cover the areas you don’t want to paint. We decided to create a chevron pattern.

4. Paint with the first color.

5. Remove the tape, and let dry.

6. Mask other areas as shown below using your tape.

7. Paint with the second color, and remove the tape.

8. Once the drawers are completely dry, you’re done!

  1. Process-1

    First, protect your surface and spray paint your mini chest of drawers. Next, place tape as shown in the picture above.

  2. Process-2

    Paint with the lightest acrylic paint. Take off the tape and let everything completely dry. At this point, put some fresh pieces of tape at different angles. Paint over the exposed area with the darker paint, remove the masking tape and wait until it’s dry.

  3. Final-Drawers

    That’s it! Easy peasy.

We love how quick and simple this back-to-school DIY is to make. Plus, it’s the perfect friend for a dino planter!

Is there an organization project on your to-do list? Talk to us in the comments below!