With summer upon us, we’re feeling the irresistible urge to add a punch of color to our bedroom. Instead of spending a small fortune for a more polished look, you can just head to IKEA or recycle the pieces you already have. So, after upgrading the bedding with DIY pom pom pillows and a duvet, today we’re bringing you a new IKEA hack and DIYing a colorful tassel rug. We love how this easy project adds a welcoming, cozy and fresh touch to our space!

Final (1)

Materials and Tools:

Ikea Tanum rug

— yarn

— pot

— scissors

— needle

— thread

Step (1)

 1. Wrap the yarn around the pot.

2. Cut a five-inch piece of yarn and set aside.

3. Wrap the five-inch string around the full bundle of yarn, then tie a knot to create the head of the tassel.

4. Cut the bottom of the yarn as shown above.

5. Trim the ends to your liking.

6. Repeat to make many more tassels.

7. Hand stitch the tassels all along the rug’s top and bottom edge.

step 2

First, wrap the yarn around the pot (or anything sturdy enough to keep the yarn in place like a jar, a notebook, etc.). Then cut a five-inch piece of yarn and wrap it around the bundle to create the head of the tassel. Finally, cut the bottom of the yarn and trim the ends to your liking. Use the same technique to create another nine tassels, then hand stitch them all along Tanum’s top and bottom edge. Ta-da! That’s it.

Final (6)
Final (3)

Today we used these colorful tassels to spruce up a simple rug, but we could also see them being used as pillows. Really, the possibilities are endless :)

Final (4)

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