Real talk: We are *kinda* obsessed with IKEA. Whether it鈥檚 an easy no-sew project or the ultimate hack for a plant shelfie, the Scandi-chic brand can do no wrong in our eyes. And they鈥檝e hit pay dirt with their fanbase yet again, releasing DIY instructions for fellow Swedish brand SPACE10鈥榮 urban farming sphere, AKA The Growroom, which initially turned heads upon its debut in 2016. Now anyone with access to plywood and a milling machine can create a 鈥渇arm pavilion鈥 and grow their own food.

Designed specifically for city dwellers, The Growroom is meant to replace the nitty-gritty aspects of traditional farming. The smartly designed wooden structure lets plants and vegetation grow vertically, as opposed to requiring vast acres of land that just don鈥檛 exist in most cities.

The team at SPACE10 built The Growroom so that anyone 鈥渃ould produce food of the highest quality that tastes better, is much more nutritional, fresh, organic and healthy.鈥 They wanted to design a structure simple enough for anyone to build so people would feel inspired to DIY their way to their own sustainable gardens. Once you鈥檙e finished, you can sit back, relax, and let nature do its thing. Wouldn鈥檛 it be cool to ditch the grocery store lines and cook your own good eats? So sign us up, IKEA 鈥 we want in!

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(Photos via Space10 )