When that afternoon slump kicks in, you’ll need a little pick-me-up to get you through the rest of the day. Forget your usual snack of iced coffee and a candy bar. What you need is a buzz-inducing coffee popsicle to reignite your fire. Whether it’s made from cold brew or leftovers from your French press, these chilly treats will give you a slight energy boost while cooling you off. Chill out with the 14 coffee popsicles below.

1. Baileys Poptails: When happy hour *finally* rolls around, you’ll be so happy that you have a stockpile of these pops in your freezer. They’ll give you enough of a boost to last you until bedtime and help you decompress from your day. (via Marla Meredith)

2. Boozy Caramel Coffee Popsicles: Dulce de leche is the secret to making these popsicles ultra-creamy and full of caramel flavor. Add a splash of coffee liqueur to enhance the taste of the brew and give them a softer texture at the same time. (via Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt)

3. Cherry Chocolate Chip Coffee Popsicles: Chocolate and cherry are a combo that we need to see more of, TBH. These paleo pops hit the nail on the head with a base of unsweetened coffee and coconut cream. (via An Edible Mosaic)

4. Coconut Mocha Pops: Turn your favorite seasonal coffee drink into a lickable treat that you can have whenever you want. (via Home Cooking Memories)

5. Iced Caramel Macchiato Popsicles: Is an iced caramel macchiato your go-to order? If so, you’ll definitely appreciate these popsicles that have the same layered composition — complete with a green stick. (via Shrimp Salad Circus)

6. Cold Brew Iced Mocha Pops: Instead of going for a cup of coffee after dinner, give these popsicles a try to combine your dessert and java need. Since they’re so light and refreshing, you might even be able to justify two. (via The View from Great Island)

7. Chocolate-Dipped Mocha Iced Coffee Popsicles: There’s just about nothing that’s not made better by a quick dip in chocolate. Coffee popsicles included. (via Sprinkle Some Sugar)

8. Iced Coffee Yogurt Pops: Since these pops are made with Greek yogurt, they could be your breakfast and you wouldn’t even have to feel bad about it. If you don’t have a popsicle mold at home, try miniature paper cups. (via Alida’s Kitchen)

9. Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles: Forget cream and sugar — adding sweetened condensed milk to your coffee pops gives them a rich and sweet flavor. To achieve the layered look, allow the coffee layer to set slightly before pouring on the sweetened condensed milk. (via A Spicy Perspective)

10. Irish Coffee Popsicles: You can’t go wrong with three layers of delicate vanilla bean cream, smooth coffee, and Irish cream. We won’t judge you if you decide you want the last one to be the largest. (via Feast and West)

11. Nutella Iced Coffee Popsicles: Bring out your inner child to play with these whimsical Nutella popsicles. Just think of them as grown up Fudgsicles. (via Gal on a Mission)

12. Creamy Paleo Coffee Popsicles: If you have coffee and coconut oil at home, then you can make these simple Paleo popsicles. Fans of Bulletproof Coffee will love these for a midday pick-me-up. (via The Bewitchin’ Kitchen)

13. Whiskey Ice Coffee Popsicle With Cocoa Nibs: So, you want to take your boozy coffee up a notch, eh? Scotch should do the trick just fine. (via I Will Not Eat Oysters)

14. Turkish Coffee Popsicles: There’s even a perfect pop for the world travelers who drink their coffee black. These Turkish coffee popsicles are spiced with green cardamom and lightly sweetened, but with no cream in sight. (via The View from Great Island)

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