Your zen and your untapped creativity are waiting to be discovered in our brand-new Illustration With Watercolor Class ($19), the latest addition to our online class suite. Self-taught artist Meera Lee Patel teaches how to find creativity and relaxation through the creation of a frameable painting. And for those still happily in holiday R+R mode, it’s a nice, easy transition into a new year of creativity.

Illustration With Watercolor Online Class

In this class, Meera teaches a watercolor style that’s heavy on imagination, personality and freestyle, yet finds structure in the more traditional fundamentals of painting. Learn what a meditative process painting can be as you create an original painting of a woodland creature, complete with gorgeous foliage and floral frames, like the one you see below!

You may recognize Meera’s trademark style from her artwork in the B+C Shop. Her illustrations capture the magic in nature with childlike wonder, using the bold colors of her native home in India.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

— Practice meditation while painting

— Create a color wheel and mix color palettes

— Create brush strokes

— Blend and shade colors

— Conceptualize, sketch and paint an animal

— Add hand lettering and other details

Illustration With Watercolor Kit

Pair the online class with its companion supply kit, which includes everything you need to take the class, including watercolor tubes, brushes, paper, drawing tools, bleed-proof watercolors and a mixing tray.

Save, when you bundle the online class + kit together. Get the pair for $58 (originally priced at $68).

If you’re looking ahead to your New Year’s creativity goals, we have tons more online classes just like this one, including screen printing and handbag design with Rebecca Minkoff. In all our classes, offered right in our own B+C Shop, we invite talented makers, designers and bloggers to share their secrets and help inspire your creativity. Plus, a nifty feature of our online classes is that you can download them and come back to them whenever you want, allowing you to move at your own pace.

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