Gardening season has officially begun, and we are all about that jungalow life. Whether you’re looking to up your indoor plant game or are down to get your hands dirty with your first veggie garden, we’re here to help you take your #plantlady status to the next level. Happy digging, all!

With April well under way and May rearing its (hopefully sunny!) head, we’re more than ready to get outside and play. That means backyard hangs, garden parties, and plenty of BBQing. And while some of us are lucky enough to have yards, patios, or balconies, most of us are still living that indoor #plantlady life. If you’re looking to bring those jungalow vibes to your space this spring, we’ve got you covered with our Beginner’s Guide to Trendy Indoor Plants. This handy little infographic will help you develop that green thumb and actually keep those plants alive this year.

So are you ready to plant *all* the things or what? Follow The Dig series throughout May to learn all the trends, tips, hacks, etc. Happy planting, ladies!

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Illustration: Marisa Kumtong