There are tons of popular superfoods out there, and we have nothing against them. On-trend health fads like mermaid toast and chia pudding are great. But sometimes, it’s the least “sexy,” most time-tested wellness tips that REALLY make the difference between looking and feeling okay, and looking and feeling *fantastic.* Case in point: water. Staying hydrated is hardly a trend, but it does make a huge difference. And one blogger found a way to make staying hydrated simultaneously healthy, fun, and gorgeous to look at. The secret is fruit-infused ice cubes.

These ice cubes, dreamt up by Oh Happy Day and Soma, are ridiculously easy to make. You just chop up whatever fruits or veggies strike your fancy, throw ’em in an ice cube tray, pour over them with filtered water, and voila: After they freeze, they’ll be the perfect accompaniment to your H2O.

You can infuse your ice cubes with anything you’d like, but you’ll want to go for flavors that you enjoy. As the cubes start to melt, the flavor held within them will be dispersed into your water. Meaning, within a few short minutes, you could be enjoying a refreshing watermelon, strawberry, or lime-infused refreshment.

Make sure to use a high-quality water filter like Soma’s to keep any toxins or yucky flavors out of your drink. The point of infusing your ice cubes with fruit is that you want it to taste great, after all.

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(Photos via Oh Happy Day and Soma)