Food isn’t JUST about nourishment and taste. Presentation matters. And we love *nothing* more than a delicious, healthy dish that also happens to be super pretty. Enter chia pudding. There are tons of chia recipes out there that can help you add this nutritious ingredient into your diet, from breakfast bowl recipes to coffee smoothies and acai bowls. But one of our favorite choices is chia pudding. Check out these 12 pics of charming chia if you need a little inspiration.

1. Chia Cornucopia: This healthful breakfast bowl combines gluten-free carbs like bananas and berries with healthy fats from chia seeds, almonds, and pecans. We also spot some sunflower seeds thrown in for good measure.

2. Shining Star: Be a beacon of health by starting your day off with this chia creation. It’s made with coconut yogurt, chia seeds (duh!), papaya stars, spinach, banana, and blueberries.

3. Pretty in Pink: This oh-so-pretty chia bowl is made with the perfect duo: chocolate and raspberries. Cacao nibs give the entire meal a chocolatey crunch, while frozen berries keep it cool, sweet, and refreshing.

4. Flower Power: Want an even prettier way to display your chia pudding? Top it with fresh edible flowers for a dose of delicate flavor and aesthetic appeal.

5. Rainbow Bright: All the colors of the rainbow come together in this super-fruity chia pudding bowl. Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, mandarin oranges… what more could you want?

6. Chocolate and Chia: Chia pudding doesn’t HAVE to be made with vanilla almond milk. You can make it a chocolatey creation instead by stirring in some cacao powder.

7. Classic Chia Pudding: Let’s pause for a sec to take it back to where it all began. Classic chia pudding is made with about two cups of your favorite non-dairy milk, 1/2 a cup of chia seeds, and about 1/2 a teaspoon of vanilla extract. All other flavors and mix-ins are completely optional.

8. Twice As Nice: Share some chia pudding with your bestie in lieu of (or alongside) your usual brunch pancakes. This option pairs chia pudding with chocolate cream, bananas, cacao nibs, chocolatey syrup, and fresh fruit.

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Goodmorning From Nz beautiful friends 🙋 It's still raining here but can't stop myself having yummm breakie. Nothing stops me . This Is my recipe I am sharing it with you but made few days ago 💙 I have some pics for my rainy days when I am working long hours or if the weather is like this 🌧 You don't have any choice to keep some spares . And more over you need some time off from cooking , camera and social media isn't it 🤗 I figure this is my Time - To Relax , be with my family and have a normal life 😂 PAUSE Time to relax your body, mind and soul. I love Me Time 😚😙😚😙 Have a relaxing weekend Enjoy your ME Time 👍 Relax it's your Time ⏳ ______________________________________ For this Recipe 3tbs chiaseeds 1/2 cup coconut milk / soy milk Few drops of vanilla extract Some handful nuts 1 tsp matchablue 2tsp raw agave Fruits of your choice METHOD Mix chiaseeds in both the milk stirring constantly until mixed together. Add raw agave, vanilla extract , nuts and stirring it continously till it becomes fluffy. If it gets clumpy add more milk as per your requirement. Leave it for about half an hour and then separate it in another bowl and mix matchablue to give nice layers to chiapudding as you can see 💙💙 and garnish with fresh strawberries 😋 easy and simple recipe ________________________________________________ #smoothie #creative #buzzfeast #raw #fruits #strawberry #blueberries #coconutmilk #huffpostgram #f52grams #foodie #blue #eeeeeats #foodglooby #healthylifestyle

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9. Seeing Blue: The color blue tends to evoke tranquil, calming feelings, so why not use it in anti-inflammatory, restorative snacks like chia pudding? Mix some blue matcha powder with agave syrup to get this peaceful and delish creation.

10. Kefir Queen: Do double health duty with this uber-nutritious combo. It’s not just chia pudding in this mug… there’s gut-friendly fermented kefir in there as well.

11. Morning Glory: What could possibly be better on a warm spring or summer morning than a heaping bowl of chia and fresh fruit? Take, for example, this super sweet combo of kiwi and blueberries.

12. The Whole Shebang: Here it is — the chia bowl in all of its glory. Edible flowers, frozen fruit, fresh fruit, seeds, white cacao nibs, and probiotics. You’re basically covering EVERY aspect of your health here.

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