The middle of winter can be a dreary time. There isn’t as much sun and it’s too cold to get outside, so instead, it’s easy to slide into a TV-junk-food-yoga-pants rut that is comfortable… but sluggish. (Guilty!) Sometimes we just need a little boost of inspiration, or something to make us smile even when it’s negative degrees outside. Sure, you could go watch cat videos. Or you could put one of these inspiring wallpapers on your phone. Check them out!


1. A Good Day: Need a reminder to hop back on your bike or head to your cycling class? We can’t think of a better spot than on your phone. (via iPhone 5 Retina Wallpaper)


2. Be All There: This is a great reminder, amid the Facebook checking and Pinterest scrolling, to stop and take in your surroundings. (via Inspire We Trust)


3. Make Something: Here’s the perfect wallpaper to get you going on all those projects you’ve been meaning to do. Don’t have a pile of projects? We’ve got you covered. (via Free People)


4. Over-Think: Gray days produce time to sit and stew. Now your phone can remind you to let it go. (via Sweet Mint)


5. Daring Adventure: Taking risks won’t be as nerve-wrecking with this sweet push of encouragement. (via Thorn and Sparrow)


6. Go For It: Who knew such a simple design could be so inspirational? Whether you’re going after a new job or tackling a major renovation, this phone background will keep you motivated. (via B Is for Bonnie Design)


7. Dream and Explore: Oh, that blue sky. If this doesn’t make you want to go on a road trip, we don’t know what will. (via iPhone 5 Retina Wallpaper)


8. Classy and Fabulous: Right from the trendsetter’s lips to your phone screen, your phone can now remind you what to strive for. (via Northern Belle Diaries)


9. Regret Nothing: Yep, we agree — regret nothing. Not even that delicious pint of Ben and Jerry’s we ate last night. (via Mobile 9)


10. Choose Happy: While summer weather might be months away, with this cheerful and brightly colored background it’ll always be summer on your phone. (via iPhone 5 Retina Wallpaper)


11. The Best: It’s like saying “Carpe Diem” without the Latin. We’re into that. (via Mobile 9)


12. Live by the Sun: Here’s a good work and play reference that throws in a good reminder to keep our priorities straight. (via Free People)


13. Dream, Sparkle, Shine: Doesn’t this pretty inspiring wallpaper just make you want to do something big? We’re all for it, especially if it involves glitter. (via All Things Pretty)


14. Do More: Bake, read, go for a run or DIY something fab — this background immediately brings to mind all the things we could do. (via Dreierlei Liebelei)


15. Hello: Embrace the new year (and all those resolutions) with this festive wallpaper. (via Cocorrina)


16. Wild One: This wallpaper is just asking for a dance party to happen, hairbrush microphone and all. (via Behance)


17. Be Brave: Whether it’s cutting your hair or asking your boss for a raise, this simple background is just what you need to encourage you to make the jump. (via Free People)

What is the background on your phone? Need something a little more inspiring? Tell us below!